On the Schedule for the Spring Quarter


I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to get stuff done during the Spring quarter. I had thought that since I have a later class on MWF that I would try to move the work outs to the morning and then do my stuff during the afternoon.

Then I thought, “why change what’s obviously working for you? That’s a recipe for failure.”

So since occasionally it’s still a bit chilly in the morning to go run, and now that it’s spring forward the mornings are much darker now and for longer, I don’t want to work out in the morning. At least I’ll acknowledge that. I don’t want to do it before class. I feel like I should, but I have a plan that worked for a month, successfully, so why change it before it needs to be changed?

What I’ve decided then is that that extra morning time I have now I will use that for my research that I need to get done. It may only equal 1.5-2 hours (depending on when I roll out of bed and get started) but consistency is better than bulk. And I’ll be up anyway, so rather than dicking around, then I should do something productive that I enjoy. And I like the quiet reading time I’ll have in the morning. I won’t get that in the afternoon. It makes more sense to take care of scholarship in the a.m. before the husband and the dogs get up.

Here’s the other part of my schedule that’s been working for me that allows me to get the work outs in in the afternoon. Starting about the second week of February last quarter, I started to read every thing for the lit class that week on Saturday morning while the husband slept. That was an amazing decision that one day that I did it, and I’m glad that I recognized how smoothly the week went as a result. Much better than getting up at 5 and using that hour to prep. 4-5 hours max on a Saturday morning and I’m set for the week! So I’ve been doing that every since. And for me, it WORKS! BEAUTIFULLY!! For many reasons:

  1. Since I’m starting the prep so early for the week, I’m not rushed.
  2. Since I’m not rushed, I’m enjoying what I’m reading.
  3. Since I’m enjoying what I’m reading, I’m doing a better job of prepping the readings (of course it helps that I’ve taught these things now a few times, but I’ve found that my notes from last quarter are abysmal or non-existent in many cases. Blerg).
  4. Since I’ve done good prep about which I feel good and confident, my weekend becomes worry free and that extra four-five hours of work on a Saturday morning makes the rest of the weekend so much better and open!
  5. Since everything is done on Saturday morning, my office hours open up for grading and student issues and what not.
  6. Since the office hours are open now for grading, that’s a whole helluva lot less grading that I have to be bothered with at home.
  7. Since I don’t have last minute prep and grading to do at home, I have my afternoons free to work out and cook dinner and hang with the hubby which makes me less stressed.

On one level it’s sad to think that Saturday a.m. is a “work day,” but man, the benefits are just amazing for me. And I need to add the freshman class’s readings into that prep, too, which might add another hour, but still, just the freedom of not having to think about it or worry about it for the weekend/week is what counts.

So, obviously today I won’t do the research because I just decided this this morning; however, beginning Wednesday I will. And then I’ll give you a progress report this weekend.

Happy Week Everyone!


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  1. I love it! I totally bought into your reasoning, and then I thought: why can’t I do that? I’d be ready for the week and be happy all weekend and everything. Then I remembered: the person who wakes up earliest on Saturday is Toby: DOH! Even if I got myself up and everything (and morning is, of course, not my best time), I’d be lucky to have an hour. Hmmph. But I’ll save it for when Toby just wants to sit up watching cartoons on Saturday morning like I did when I was a kid, letting my parents sleep in until the cooking shows took over PBS.

    I can dream.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Saturday that *wasn’t* (at least partly) a work day–in fact, my first reaction when you started posting about this was, “Wait–she’s been taking Saturdays *off*?” And personally, I’d much rather work on Saturday mornings than Sunday evenings. So in some ways I think you’re right there in the academic mainstream with this! (This isn’t to make you feel like a slacker, but rather to give you the sense that you’re in good company when you’re reading for class on Saturday mornings.)

  3. WTGH–I think once you find what works for you, you have to fight tooth and nail to make it happen. But I understand the unpredictability of a toddler makes that hard, but that sounds like a good idea–while he’s absorbed in cartoons, even if it’s only an hour, that’s still one hour you get. And maybe if he sees you reading, maybe he might want to join you and pretend to read? I have no idea. Totally speaking out of my ass on this one. But dream big!!

    Heu–hahaha! I know, I can’t believe I’m just now discovering this! See, usually Friday night is party night–even well into my 30s, and Saturday is hangover recovery day which is why since my Ph.D. program, I have done no work on Saturdays. During my M.A. I used to because Saturday night was drinking night. It wasn’t until I really started to commit to my working out and LOVING the workouts that I figured out this secret because really it became not just about getting work done efficiently for class prep but getting work done so that I had time to take care of myself. And it IS so much better than reading Sunday night–I always feel unrested on Monday mornings if I’ve spent Sunday night prepping. Better late than never! And I’m glad to know that I am in great company! Also, I borrowed your idea about doing several reading responses but counting the top three grades rather than doing revisions this quarter for the lit class. I really like that idea. A LOT! Thanks!

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