Well, after all my hemming and hawing and whining about my eating over Spring Break, I didn’t gain any weight. I didn’t lose any weight either, I don’t think. Unless I did and then gained it back through the course of this week, but I didn’t bring my scale to Home City, so I’m none the wiser and therefore, without documentation, it didn’t happen. All that can be confirmed is that I did not gain anything back when I did my weigh in yesterday.

When I did my measurements last week though, I had lost another 2.75 inches, so Score! there.

This week though was/is a different story. Still, no loss, but no gain, which really is a miracle here after this week. And I did not do the measurements. I’ll do them next week.

This past week though has been a rough one. I didn’t work out Monday because of the thing I haven’t told you about yet (forthcoming), and when that was done, we had to go right to the eye doctor’s office for our appointments. Tuesday was travel day–which took! We left later than I had wanted to. The wind was so horrifically bad that it tanked our gas mileage. I went from 32/mpg to 20 mpg! Because the car was working that hard against the wind. Which meant that we had to stop three times (on the way to Home City, I stopped once to fill up for gas a little bit more than halfway through the trip. That makes a HUGE difference). So we get home around 10. I’m exhausted and still not totally ready for classes to begin the next day which means I can’t really sleep in because I’ve got stuff to finish. I’m crabby when I get up because I didn’t sleep well either. I spend Wednesday exhausted to the max. I come home and crash on the couch for about four hours. Completely wiped out. And I still haven’t figured out the TR schedule of assignments yet! Up early Thursday morning to finish working because Wednesday’s office hours were also devoted to helping J with school and where to go, getting lunch, etc. Then we get some horrible news Thursday morning, so there was that. Finally Thursday afternoon I get to work out, but damn, it wipes me out. And then we went out with friends where I just drank water all night, which despite losing about 3 inches in my waist and about 2 in my belly, raises suspicions as to why there is no booze in front of me (I drank so much during spring break, I thought I was a frat boy in P.C.B.). Blurg. And I still don’t have the lecture I need to have for Friday done, nor have I prepped for the freshman class. Up early Friday morning to finish all of this and I’m late to my office hours. I hate rushing around and being unprepared my first week! It stresses me out! I get home Friday to work out and as I change to put on my work out clothes, I’m so exhausted by changing clothes that I put my p.j.s on instead and nap on the couch. And yesterday I was still feeling like crap.

Lots of the J’s family had been sick while we were there. I think I picked up a twinge of something, coupled with the horrible eating and the traveling and the drinking, and I’ve been out of whack for a week. First of all, I hate going more than a day without a work out. I need it for my mental as well as my physical health. Three days in a row nearly killed me. And then to miss Friday. Argh. But I’m at least thankful that whatever it is/was, it’s not hitting me full force. And my poor g’parents just called to tell us not to come over today because they’re sick again, too. They’ve been battling this stomach bug for nearly a month now. And the people who are getting sick are getting sick for extended periods of time. I’m trying really hard to balance things then so that I don’t get worn out and become susceptible and also maintain being able to work out. Though I’m sad we won’t get to see the g’parents, I’m glad to not have to travel today. I need to work out. It’s supposed to storm here all afternoon, and some are supposed to be bad, and I want neither to drive in it nor leave the dogs alone during a terrible, enduring storm, so it works out. I can work out, read a bit, and rest and read for tomorrow’s class. Again, I’m sad at not seeing the g’parents, but it is like a whole day has opened up for me.

I also made out a calendar/plan for the next two weeks of the work that I need to get done, since I already have drafts and papers coming in next week, I want to make sure that I am able to get done what needs to get done, and establish that early in the quarter so that I can continue to work out regularly and start incorporating some research in here, too. I’ve got a conference paper to research and write and an article due–both by the end of May.

So without further ado, I’m going to take out the mutts and then go to the grocery before the storm begins. Then the workout, then reading, then a nap most likely.


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