Spring Break Part II–Things Done and Not Done and the Quarter Ahead


I had hopes for getting a class proposal done and getting an article written. Those things will just have to be worked out in the next couple of weeks.

I have one syllabus done. The one for the MWF lit class. What I need to work on today is that freshman comp syllabus. There’s not a whole lot I want to change from the fall, but there are a few things that I want to change. In part to make my life easier this quarter and in part to make the class better. It’s my weak point, and I don’t want to obsess over it too much, but I want it to be done and not be still working on it through the quarter like I did in the fall. But I think I might keep it mostly the same. We’ll see. It would be easier for me to keep it the same as I did in the fall because the prompts are already written. The readings already assigned. So, yeah, we’ll see.

And today’s workout. That will happen, too.

And I did apply for a summer ESL teaching job this week, too. That took more time to do than I had thought, but it’s done.

I think one of the things that I need to keep doing that I started to do in February, is to get the week’s readings done on Saturday mornings. Yeah, it’s a sort of crappy way to spend a Saturday morning; however, there are distinct advantages for me. Getting the reading and the prep done for the lit class on Saturday mornings opens up the entire week for me.

  1. It ensures that I have time during the week to get my workouts done.
  2. It means I’m not spending the mornings last minute prepping.
  3. It means that when the grading for the classes comes in, my office hours are free to grade so that I do less grading at home, and less grading on the weekend. I’d rather read on the weekends than grade.
  4. It also means, in theory, that I have the week open to work on the research and stuff that I want to work on.

This works most of the time for the lit class since most of the stuff on my syllabus is stuff that I’ve taught at least once. There may only be one or two new things on there, but it’s mostly stuff I’ve done. That makes it easier. And the power points are all done except the first one, so I’ll work on that Wednesday during my office hours.

The plan for the freshman class is to at least get Monday’s readings done Sunday morning. Since we go to the grandparents’ on most Sundays, the first priority is to make sure that the workouts happen before we go over there. No exceptions. And the freshman readings, for the most part, are short. Few of them are longer than 5 pages. And if I keep it close to the fall, then I’ll have half the prep done for that. And the plan for Monday’s office hours then are to read and prep for the remainder of the week for the freshman.

At least, that’s the basic plan. Until the grading comes in, I’ll be able to get some prep done during my office hours. But, I think I may use that time to do some of my work so that way I have the schedule and the pattern for the Saturday reading already in place. Because I tell you what. Doing that this last month really made an amazing difference in my stress level for the week, and I LOVED that it opened up my afternoons so that I had time to work out. It’s totally worth the sacrifice of working all of a Saturday morning if need be. Even though it means that Saturdays are usually eaten up by class prep and workouts, what I love about it is that rather than one day of lounging around, it opens up FIVE whole afternoons of being able to accomplish things other than course prep.

And I think I will continue to make weekly calendars with the to do list for the days on them mapped out for the whole week. That really worked, too. Even if I didn’t follow everything the way I had planned, I think the benefit was more in seeing everything that needed to be done for the week and seeing it broken up (rather than just one huge overwhelming to do list) worked for me.

Now I need to add in research to the equation and see how we do.

And I guess without further ado, while I wait for my running clothes to dry, I’m going work on the freshman syllabus.


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