Turns out the roommate here in Home City got internet so he could game! Huzzah! That means I have internet here! Which seriously made my day when I had to submit grades because rather than having to make a special trip to go somewhere to find internetz, I just got up, spend about 20 minutes figuring out the last of the grades and boom, submitted them in my pjs! Yay! And it means I was able to get the billz paid too without having to go do that in a public place.

I’ve gotten two days of basic relaxation so far thanks to my being able to get 90% of the grading done and submitted before leaving. That made a huge difference, otherwise I would have spent Wednesday and yesterday grading furiously and it would have cut into my work out time and I’d be miserable right about now. We’ve already had lunch with one set of parents, we had our fancy dinner at our favorite restaurant, which we really can’t afford, but it was so worth it. They had karaoke! We had an amazing time. Oh my god. It was so what we needed, and our friend who joined us, I’m sure it was what he needed, too. Yesterday I got my hair done for the first time in 3 months. I don’t look like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz anymore. She had to have chopped off about 1.5-2 inches of hair. Lots of the blonde is gone, and I have these hot red streaks underneath. It’s soft again and I look fairly polished rather than scraggly. It’s weird though to see my hair close to my natural color when I look in the mirror, and it’s sad because Wednesday I had, for the first time, gotten my hair to look nicer than it had in months, but it took so much product and it felt like straw, so I’m glad for a different look now. Plus, I wanted something a little different since I’m losing weight/inches and feeling better about myself. Plus, I’ve had the same look for about 15 months now. That’s about my limit. Once it stops working for me, it’s time for a change. Anyway, I feel better.

So today I need to work on a summer teaching fellowship, which I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting, but I’m going to apply anyway. I need to work on my syllabi. And I do need to work on that article that I wanted to write over break, but that might get put on the back burner, and it might be something that I have to crank out during the first week of classes. Getting the syllabi and some class prep done are first priority at this point, after the summer teaching app that’s due today.

Today, I also need to buy some shirts, shampoo, and new lipstick and face powder. Yes, I need to do that here because I can’t get it in Big Little Town, and it will help avoid paying shipping. I could drive an hour to get to where I need to in BLT, but still, it’s right here, it’s stuff I need now, so why not? May as well do it here.

I guess since it’s supposed to be cold and rainy with flurries this morning, I’m going to work on the summer teaching app and then go run my errands in the muck so I can run in the sunshine later. I don’t want to run in the cold. Even though I have the stuff for it, I’d rather not. Especially since a handful of my colleagues are sick and on antibiotics, so I don’t want to do anything that’s going to weaken the immune system and make me susceptible. I can bundle up much more effectively for errand running/shopping than I can for running. And I’d rather run in the sun than the clouds anyway.

Have a great weekend all!



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