Progess Report Part II–Health/Fitness


Let’s just say that I’m feeling good. I’m feeling healthy. I’m feeling strong. I have energy.

The diet still needs improvement, but it’s better than it was in January, which was better than it was in December, so there’s forward progress.

This week traveling and being in Home City will be a challenge although it shouldn’t be. The only problem will be the J’s family wanting to eat out and cook for us, and these are not people who are concerned with healthy eating, so I have to watch it and not get sucked into glutton fests. However, I have done well in social situations thus far, so I guess rather than look at it as a challenge, I really should shift my mindset and just look at it as just another week. Plus, I’m bringing my workout equipment with me (yay for driving), so yeah, I shouldn’t look at this week as being any different than any other week.

Peace out! Have a great Monday and great week y’all!



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