A long week ahead


Argh. I’m freaking out about my tax return. New state, new rules. I screwed up the return yesterday and put some stuff in the wrong place, had an open form, and the thing got rejected twice. So I vowed this morning to redo them from the start. Go back over every.single.thing.

Which I did. And I think I fixed the problem. But in the process, I had a eureka moment when I understood what the new tax rules were asking, so when I was going back through the whole thing again, I filled in some information that had not been previously filled in (because I’m dumb), and so now I’m worried that I screwed up again. Because there’s new information that wasn’t there in the previous returns. But maybe in adding the info I fixed the other things that were wrong? But in fixing some stuff I’m getting more money back and I’m worried that that will halt the return again? Argh. I hate this time of year! And I hate that so many years out of grad school and we still depend on the tax return to get us through the summer. I hate filing separately. I hate that for the last two years I’ve had to file in two different states. That’s a pain in the arse!

My stomach is in knots while I sit and wait for the email letting me know if the return is going through of if it’s rejected.Which means I’ll be obsessively checking my email all day today.

I’m glad I have tomorrow off.

On top of that, we had a horrible dinner last night at a new restaurant in town. Ugh. My cooking is better. We took a risk. It didn’t work. At least we know never to go back. It just really fucking sucked.

Tomorrow is marathon grading day. The “schedule” is going okay. I was still struggling to keep up with the theory class even though the lit classes were taken care of. And I’m behind on grading, which is why tomorrow is marathon grading day. Every thing I have will be graded tomorrow. The J is leaving in the morning with the mutts to go to Home City to work for a couple of weeks/make up some drills, so I’ll have the house to myself for a week. I’ll miss the mutts, but it will actually free up a lot of time for me not having to take care of them for a week. Plus, I’ve got to spend Tuesday now cleaning. So Monday is Marathon Grading Day, and Tuesday is Marathon Cleaning Day. I guess on Wednesday I’ll get all the grades thus far calculated so that way I can save some time next week on that. And I should begin working on the 101 syllabus for next quarter. I basically know what I’m doing in that one, but I might change it up a little bit. But I want that one done and finished before I leave. Thursday will be another grading day–take home finals for one class comes in. Those will all be graded by Thursday afternoon. Friday’s office hours are designated for immediate start on the research papers from the theory class, and I’ll spend an hour or two Friday afternoon working on the other lit class’s take home finals. So I’m hoping by Monday morning, all that stuff is done because I have the take home final from the theory class coming in, and then the lit class has their finals Monday and Tuesday, and then I take off. So I must be on the ball this week. I don’t want to spend all day Wednesday finishing up grading and frantically trying to finish this while I’m out of town. RAther, the goal is to have every single thing finished with the exception of the Tuesday morning final done since I’m leaving as soon as that final is over.

And I guess at some point this week I need to actually write the final exam for the lit class, which may have to wait until next weekend as I stupidly left that book at the office and I’ve yet to actually get the building key because I’m lazy and haven’t done it yet.

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this. But again, at least I have tomorrow off. Yay.


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