Progress Report


I promised a progress report/update today on last week’s schedule. Some interesting findings.

Even though I didn’t follow my calendar, putting it all on a calendar totally helped.


First of all, spending all of last Saturday reading everything for the week for the lit class was a really smart freaking move. Sure, it took up a bunch of time and I was annoyed while doing it because who the hell wants to spend a Saturday and Sunday morning working; however, stress level this week? Low–that was the one thing I didn’t have to worry about. I got a decent amount of the theory class reading on Sunday, but only through Monday’s and part of Wednesday’s stuff, so I had to play catch up a little bit with that. Most of my time was spent catching up on grading (I still have some stuff straggling though), which I got done mostly during my office hours, but that for the most part is caught up and done until the deluge of papers start coming in for the next two weeks with final papers, take home exams, revisions, etc. And I don’t want to have that stuff hanging around me at home.

I think what I will do when the take home tests come in is get up and grade for an hour on Tuesday morning before class. During my office hour I meet with students. And I think I may spend an hour on Monday night looking at them as well. And then perhaps I spend Wednesday’s office hours prepping the last things for Friday’s theory class.

All things research oriented will be abandoned until spring quarter.

At some point this week, I need to start working on the some tweaks to the syllabus so that I’m not doing that last minute during the little breaks I have. Also I have to finish a powerpoint for Monday’s lit class that I’ll probably finish up during Monday’s office hours.


I did not once work out in the mornings as planned, nor did I even make an effort to. Rather I used the mornings to work for maybe a half an hour (which doesn’t wear me out by the time I teach, unlike working for 1.5 hours in the morning), or I blogged or wrote in my journal. I think the fact that I had the lit stuff prepped and ready to go for the week made the mornings significantly less stressful. I think the reason why I’m having a hard time motivating myself for the morning work out is that I can’t do the entire workout before school. I’d have to do part of it before class and then save the running for later. And I find that annoying. For that reason, I may have to just stop teaching the 8 am classes. Because I’d like to get do the workouts early if I have a choice. And even though I’m a morning person, I have to admit, I’m starting to find the early morning classes exhausting in ways that I never found them so. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older? But the students who take the early classes here don’t take them because they are eager and like early classes and can be awake for them. They take them because it’s all that’s left. And that’s exhausting.

But seriously, the workouts take about 1.5-2 hours. Unless I get up at 4 am, it won’t happen. And I don’t like to run by myself in the dark.

I digress…

As Friday is my rest day, I have also designated Friday evening as the night when I can eat what I want and drink, and while I will log my food for the beginning of the day, I will not worry myself about the extra calories on Friday night (I’m not doing WW–I canceled my thing and I’m not paying out the ass to restart it, but I’m using what I used before the wedding that helped me lose weight, and I am happy with it). I didn’t go crazy last night though. I still cooked, but I just had like half a bottle of wine and some chocolate chips. Anyway.

I had a good  week of diet improvement–I had 2 very light beers and a cookie at the Superbowl party– and absolutely no chocolate or desserts of any kind (baked fruit or otherwise) or alcohol during the week, except last night, which for me is a HUGE deal. But that’s only one week.

And the work outs were good. While I’m sad that we’re not running the marathon, as my training for it was sub par anyway, but I’ve made some great adjustments this week that have left me feeling better than I have in years. Seriously. I’m talking like better than I’ve felt since my undergraduate days. I’ve cut back on the running mileage and added some weight intervals/power-explosive interval training and how I feel is just, well, wow. Like I have seriously felt like I could take on the world this week. And I’ve cut back on coffee, too, because I feel great when I wake up in the morning! We’ll see how my body feels after this week–if I still feel the same or better or worse. I’m starting to accept all of this as a continuous work in progress, and that helped keep me motivated this week.

I also didn’t see the work outs as a chore. Nor did I beat myself up about my food this week either. This little adjustment in the workouts and my whole attitude toward all of this has changed. This is what I needed.

The scale only moved 2/10 of a pound, which given how I’ve been working out, should be disappointing. BUT, this week (because I did my measurements last week), I’ve lost 3 inches total on my lower body! Holy smokes Batman! 1 in off the waist; 1.5 inches off the hips, and 1/4 inch off each thigh. And I even went down a notch on my belt! So while the scale didn’t hardly move, the tape did, and that feels really really good. I mean, seriously, that’s a ton to lose in one week’s time.

This Week

Today I’ve got to read, work out, and most importantly, clean this motherfucking house. It’s bad. So bad. And the J is going to Home City in a week to work with his unit, and my bro and sis in law are coming in, so I don’t want to get stuck doing all the stuff around here by myself. So a lot of stuff needs to be done today so that I can gradually chip away.

I will read the stuff for Monday’s class as soon as I’m done with this, and I think for this week, I’ll make another calendar, and report back next Saturday on how it’s going.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope it’s productive and/or relaxing. Whatever you need ! And for those of you with snow, enjoy it. It’s cold here, but not a snowball’s chance in hell of our getting snow, so yay!


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  1. We are supposed to have snow today, and I want it to snow and get it over with today when I don’t have to be anywhere. Where is my snow?

    Sounds like the weights/intervals are working out for you. Go, go, go!

    I have to grade an enormous crapload of essays this weekend, and then catch up on all the homework and quizzes and stuff. Sigh.

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