Oh I have lots in store for you, Sunday.


I am happy to report that yesterday was a successful day! Seriously! And I felt so great because I often forget how good productivity feels compared to laziness. Now if I can only keep that mind when I have to grade this week.

I managed to get all the reading for the lit class done for the week, and prepped too for that matter. It helps that 2/3 of it was stuff that I’ve taught multiple times now, and one was a repeat. These are three texts that are definitely staying in the class.

I also worked out. And I’ve been logging my food. Right now, for me, this is a big deal. Reading. productivity, and working out. As I have two deadlines by the end of May now, next quarter then I’ll be able to add research into the mix as well. Thank god the superbowl is early this year. I can get to bed in a timely manner because I am not just going to make the effort to workout before class, but I will. I think it will be good for me. And then run in the afternoon.

It’s not a permanent schedule, but as I’ve apparently just decided to spend this quarter in schedule experimentation mode, we’re going to try this this week. I think this is a good week to do it because I’ve got lots of grading this week as well. We’ll see.

The goal for today is to try to get the theory class’s readings for the week done (the theory selections are mostly short). However, if I can at least get through tomorrow and Wednesday’s reading and prep for the material, I’ll consider that a success.

And then I work out.

And then I run.

And then I vacuum the floor.

And then it should be time for the superbowl party (not at my place thankfully!)

And the husband was on board with perhaps trying to go back to Home City to do some national guard work on the two upcoming breaks I have, which would be great if it works out because that will be a nice bit of $ to put into savings, and I can get my hairdresser there to fix me up (she’s cheaper than the cheaper person I go to here!). Plus, my eye doctor is there (okay, she’s at Lenscrafters, but I really really like her and they have all my info and stuff), and we both need to go to the eye doc. J especially. Fingers crossed for that and the job interviews the J’s had!

Oh, as a side note, I may be migrating back over to blogger. I’ve been having trouble in the last week commenting on people’s blogs with the wordpress acct. There are things about wordpress I’ve still not gotten used to. Maybe I need an identity change again. If I do move, I’d love for you guys to follow. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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