Hmmm, still trying to figure out a schedule that actually works! In the meantime, I have accomplished nothing this quarter.


Argh! Okay, at least the meltdowns are now more like mini breakdowns. It’s been a rough week for no reason. Rather perhaps the effects of actually not working out. Consistency, thou art my nemesis.

I’m teaching Modernism this week. And part of next. Why? Why? Why?? I’m my least comfortable with this -ism. Even though I find Realism painful and boring, in general, I struggle with the modernists. It’s the area I have the least knowledge in. Crap I had more classes in British modernism in grad school than I did the Americans, which helps me none here! I know more about the Victorians for crying out loud! While I’m not entirely comfortable with the postmodernists either, I’m more comfortable with them because I have waaaaaay more experience there, too, relatively speaking, than the modernists.

So yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever taught the two people we’re reading today, or the two stories we’re reading today, so yeah. I have a better handle on the one for Friday I think, and I’m hoping that from here on out I’ve got stuff on the syllabus I’ve taught before. We’ll see.

I’m glad that today is my short day, nonetheless.

I have a course release fellowship app that’s due tomorrow. That would be nice. Especially if I’m going to have to spend the summer teaching, if I can get any summer courses, which I can’t count on because of budget cuts and stuff. We’ll see.

The J had a job interview yesterday, and the job could work around his school schedule, so that would be, you know, like really great if he got that job.

I really don’t know what it is that I need to do in order to get myself together. The meds have helped, but I don’t know.

I have found that the last two nights though going to bed at 10 (after reading! yay! pleasure reading!!) has gotten me 7.5 good, solid hours of sleep, and I wake up before the alarm well rested. I hope that I didn’t gooch that now. So maybe 10-5:30 is the new schedule? If only I had time to workout before class then. Maybe I just don’t need to teach the 8 am classes anymore. Maybe I need to teach the 9:30 or 9:50 classes so that I can take care of myself a little bit better? I thought that 8 am means taking better care of myself, but perhaps not. If I teach summer classes, I don’t think I’ll have a choice in the matter at all (plus the sun will be up by 5 in the summer here anyway), but maybe during the year I need that later class so that I can have time to work out. In any case, tomorrow I have to make a real effort at getting the work out in before school because I have a meeting directly following my classes in the afternoon.

I thought I had more to say. Oh well. Here’s the deal. I’m going to try yet another schedule here (yay, with four weeks left of classes–seems smart, right? argh). And I’ll report back next week to let you know if productivity has either gone up, down, or remained the same. If I’ve actually been able to reintegrate my workouts into my afternoons, and how the sleeping is going.

Perhaps I should do what Profgrrrrl does. She puts this all on her iCalendar. Like schedules the running in there. Maybe I need a visual thing. I have my day planner in which I write stuff down, but I don’t actually schedule the specific time for it. Maybe I should give that a try. I will do that for the coming week!


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  1. Yay, modernism! Just throw some Faulkner at them and explain how he was crazy. It’ll all work out!

    Good luck getting the schedule together — I’m having sleep/energy problems too. Gah. Here’s to a weekend on the way!

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