I need five more days of a weekend.


I’m just a little annoyed and stuff this morning. No particular reason really. I just have a bit of a cold, or the start of a cold or something. I’m like hot and cold all at once. I’m just kind of cranky again with a low grade ache. I had a stomach ache last night. Just really sort of “meh.” It’s fine. I know the meh will increase this week as soon as I start to think about all the stuff I have to grade that I’ve not looked over this weekend at all. I suspect, too, that it’s low grade, consistent stress that’s behind most of the aches right now, too. I did at least get the abstract written, and I’m going to get all the stuff for the lit class for the week read today and try to knock out at least tomorrow and Wednesday’s work for the theory class so that I can use my office hours to grade and not have that hanging over me. And so that I can not have last minute prep in the mornings. We’re not going to the g’parents’ today, so actually, yesterday that was nice because I didn’t feel good, but I didn’t have to worry about getting stuff done because I’d lose all of today. And honestly, I need to use the afternoons around here to take care of the house. The guest room is a mess. I’ve got to go through the bills and stuff for February so that way all of that is taken care of and I know what we’re looking at for the month and can get it done before Feb. 1. I need to go through the goodwill pile. I need to get some stuff shredded. I need to get stuff organized and taken care of so that the rest of the quarter isn’t plagued with achiness and stress and what not. Because if I do have only one prep next semester, than I want my stuff organized so that I can use my time to be working on the other article. The goal is to have the minimum page requirement secured and solid by the end of next year and to have one article that has the potential to be well placed. LIke a solid medium tier. I have one small and a medium, and hopefully another small that will be written by April or May. And with any luck our conference panel will be accepted, so really, I want to be sitting comfortably by my 3 year review, AND given all the budget cuts, I don’t want this to be the thing that gets focused on when it’s time for tenure review. Apparently the publications weren’t the end all be all before if everything else was solid, but now, it is a big deal, so I’ve got to get on that. Anyway…

I’m going to get to reading so that I can get that done and start taking care of some stuff around the den and kitchen area later today. And maybe just bust out some mad cleaning skills. It’s a dreary day. I’m not feeling well. The workout looks unlikely. I need to use my time for good and productively today so that I can feel better later.

Happy remainder of the weekend! May you find productivity or rest, whichever you need today.

ETA: Scratch that getting all the stuff for the lit class read today. My damn book, both freaking copies! is in my office! And the building is locked on the weekends! And I don’t have the key fob thing to get into the building on the weekends because I never went and got it! Shit! Shit! Shit!! Dammit all fuck to anyhow.


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