Hump Day I Wish You Were Friday and that My Week Was Over


Yesterday I was able to be fairly productive for a short day. I got up early to finish up this morning’s prep because I was just wiped out by the time I had dinner last night I couldn’t think. Not even for the last 1.5 pages of the reading. I know, weak, but still. When you’re done, you’re done.

I’m barely caught up, but that’s better than being behind I suppose. I wish I were ahead, but I think by Monday I can be almost ahead which gives me some breathing room, and maybe I can relax a bit. I’m getting into the stuff I’m more comfortable with in the theory class right now, so that might help, too. And I think with the exception of maybe three stories in the lit class, I’ve taught everything for the remainder of the semester at least twice, so that will probably help eliminate some stress and anxiety as well.

With the exception of days like today when I was just too tired and lazy to finish up my work, I have decided that for the remainder of this quarter, I’m not even going to try to get up and work out before class. I will just work out in the afternoons. While I hate finishing so late on T/Th afternoons with the workouts (since those are my early days), I’m beginning to find, at least right now, that if I come home from class and do the work I need to do when I come home, then I can exercise without work hanging over my head, and for the most part, it seems that the workouts indicate the end of the “work day,” and I think that is helping a lot right now, too. At least, it’s helping in terms of my attitude about life and things.

The 8 am class did not look too happy yesterday after my talk with them, and for the most part, many of them shouldn’t be happy at all. I think some of them are afraid of the midterm, and they should be. It will be difficult for those who have been blowing the class off. I can’t make them read, and I can only make class so interesting as to inspire them to read. But this isn’t The Dead Poet’s Society. I don’t want to inspire most of them to be English majors and find their love in the humanities. Not with their current attitudes.

I’m hoping that in between my student meetings today I can knock out most of these critical responses from the theory class. Since these are English majors who are invested in the course because it’s a requirement, I’m hoping that the grading goes smoothly and I can get it done today, but that might be asking the universe too much, so I won’t hold my breath. Whatever doesn’t get finished today can be worked on tomorrow during class while the lit class takes its exam. That’s an extra 1.5-2 hours right there. I really seriously want no grading at all over the weekend. In fact, I will not grade over the weekend. I think I can get most everything knocked out during office hours.

So that’s the plan folks. And to finish that pesky abstract. Crap. Tonight. I will finish it tonight.

ETA: I got all the theory response papers done!! Woo-hoo! It helped that a couple of students didn’t show for their appointments. I guess they’re S.O.L. now because it looks like the rest of my appointments are booked. Oh well. So that means I can look over the test “revisions” during the midterm tomorrow morning and start working on those. It means that I can work on my abstract this afternoon and then read one of the things I need to read for Friday. And then Friday as I have student conferences all during my office hours, I can catch up during the Friday class’s midterm or read or do whatever. I don’t want to assume I have it under control because that’s when things fall apart, but we’ll say I feel less anxious.


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