Obviously I would like another day off because I feel like throwing a temper tantrum simply because I’m awake. I woke up with the words “anger” and “bitterness” in my head this morning. LIke I said those words to myself when the alarm went off. I guess I have a lot of anxiety in my poor little head that I can’t let go of.

However, after my cathartic release on my blog yesterday, I had a surprisingly productive day. I am caught up on the lit classes’ grading. I was already caught up on their reading and sort of prepped for their classes today and tomorrow. I got their midterms written which I can’t decide if it’s too hard or too easy. I guess those who are keeping up with the work will find it easy. Those who are not are going to have a really difficult time with it. Sadly, I’m really not expecting much out of the 8 am class given their lit analyses. I also ran (a super short run. I felt exhausted after 3 miles. Not nearly what needed to be run yesterday). And I did some yoga. And I cooked dinner. Oh, and I also did some more laundry. I don’t have everything done and put away, but there are no piles of clothes on the bedroom floor or the bathroom floors, so that’s awesome!

I think at this point, too, since I’m not getting a lot of sleep (although I did last night–I hate that I have to take melatonin for it, but there are worse things, right?), I’m enjoying sleeping in, so I think, for this quarter, I’m just going to go with that rather than try to get up early and work out. Generally it’s what I like to do, but I’m so far out of any rhythm this quarter, and I seem to be doing fine since the beginning of the year with working out after I get home from school. It only sucks when I have to do stuff in the afternoons (like take the car to get the oil changed), but how often is that? And it does disrupt the MWF productivity schedule for the afternoons, but shit, I have three hours in the morning in my office to work, and I know that I would not do any more than three hours of work in the afternoon after class, so really, it’s almost a non-issue. And on those days, if I do need to work, then I have the J cook and that gives me that extra hour or so I might need. And in all honesty, I have done better with the workouts since the beginning of the year with sleeping in and doing them in the afternoon than I did last quarter. And really, as I’m beating myself up about my workouts, I just realized that I have done some sort of physical activity for 13 of the last 16 days. In my head, that number 13 was like 2. I hate being depressed!

So I guess today there needs to be a “come to Jesus” speech for the 8 am class (which I gave them an in-class assignment last Thursday and let them use class time to catch up because I told them I was worried that they were behind, and a few admitted to that, and that I was concerned for them for the midterm, so I gave them a practice run to help them and to help me help them) because well, they need to be concerned and some are, but well, I guess we’ll see.

I’m going to rethink my whole revision policy for these lit analyses, too. I think they will have the opportunity to revise 1 of them (because since they can revise, most of the class turned in F work so that they could get another shot later–like meeting half the page requirements), and that’s going to wear me out with such large classes. Or I might add another test and do a take home midterm that requires writing and have the tests be objective rather than essay answer driven? I don’t know. If I’ve got three of these classes next quarter, I’ve got to rethink some of this. It’s wearing me out.

I’m meeting with some students today. Then it’s home for the a workout and a run. Then class prep for the theory class and I start grading their stuff. Then I’m giving myself 15 of writing to start putting together this damn abstract I wanted to have finished over Christmas! That needs to be done!

And on that note, Happy Tuesday everyone! I must sally forth to the ranch…


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  1. If you need to, you can look over each student’s draft before you accept it … just flip through the pages and hand it back immediately with an F if they clearly have not finished. Another alternative is to make the syllabus say it is the final due this day when really you plan to have them revise … then when you hand back a pile of Ds and Fs you can “generously offer” them a chance to revise and get their shit together, because you’re so nice. It depends whether you want to have the “evil” rep or the “will give you a break” rep.

  2. Good idea re: restricting the revision to just one per semester! Sounds like you have a crazy busy schedule this semester, so I am wishing you good luck on that. And hope you get some more sleep very soon. ((((N))))

  3. FWIW, I have in my course policies for lit classes that I expect them to revise prior to the submission of a graded assignment. I will only offer revision, on my discretion, for papers that would have been failing. And in that case it’s a required revision. If they don’t do it, they get a zero. If they do it, the best grade they can get is a C+. Basically, I don’t believe in unlimited opportunities for revision in lit courses. Dude. It’s a lit course. (And my students typically perform well with that policy)

    • They are only allowed one attempt at the revision on the lit analyses. I let them revise because I know for most of them, they haven’t seen an English class since their freshman year. And I’m really trying to express to those who made As and Bs that it is NOT worth trying to revise for a few extra points, that if they simply add a couple of sentences just for a little bump, I’m grading the essay down for it not being a revision and telling them to focus their energies on the next one. I am thinking about perhaps limiting the revisions to certain grades and putting a cap on the grade for next quarter. So we’ll see. Thanks for the advice everyone!

  4. In my survey classes (where I have a lot of non-English majors), I require that they write 3 papers out of 6 options–but, if they write a 4th, I’ll drop their lowest grade. It gets around the revision possibility (which I really dislike) but gives the students who are genuinely clueless a second chance.

    (Last semester, exactly one student wrote a 4th paper, so it also doesn’t exactly increase my workload!)

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