My morning class was a disaster. The students are behind and tired. I tried to construct a group project to make their lives easier, but it turned out that this thing I was trying to do was waaaaay super complicated and a PITA. So I changed it and assigned them specific tasks for Friday. In part because I’m tired, too, and because they need to be thinking about how they’re going to apply the theory to the texts. And then they were all nice and reassured me that that winter quarter just sucks in general.

Naturally, since I wanted to cancel this afternoon’s class and tomorrow morning’s class because I want to sleep in and rest (I tried to go back to bed when I got home from class this morning, but it didn’t work. This knot in my neck is ridiculously painful.), the dept. secretary is out today. ANd if you tell her you’re sick, she takes you at your word, puts on a face mask, tells you to get out and not make her sick, gives you a form, and sends you on your way. Well, she’s out sick, which means I had to go right to my boss. I love hir to death–zie a great a supportive person, but can be a little intrusive and really feels that unless your head is falling off, then there’s no reason you can’t teach.

Me: Is it going to be a problem for me to cancel my afternoon class? I’m really sick, and I haven’t slept in 3 days. I’d like to not get sicker, and I think if I can go home and go back to bed, this well help keep me from getting sicker.

Boss: WHAT?? YOu can’t sleep?? OMG! What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you stressed? Is it hormones? Do you think it’s the full moon??

Yes, my boss actually asked me if I thought it was the full moon keeping me awake, which there may or may not be something to that, but still, weird. I felt the hormone question was a bit intrusive (no I’m not pregnant, and I hope to god that I don’t look like I am). Why can’t a person just be sick without there being something specific being wrong. I’m not an M.D., and I don’t feel like describing a list of symptoms and body aches in an open office. Yes, stress is keeping me awake and has resulted in the giant knot in my neck and back which is in turn exacerbating my sleep problems and giving me a headache. But I really don’t want to sit and tell my boss, “yes, I’m not sleeping well because I’m super stressed about money and my back and neck are riddled with knots. This is all affecting my teaching, my students are not getting what they need and I need to go home because I feel sick.” Maybe I should say that.

On top of this, I can’t work out. And that’s making me cranky.

But here’s some better news–the J filed for unemployment. We should hear something soon. The J also heard back from the school and his application is complete and he should know something soon, with any luck. So that’s good, too.

And now I’m going to lay back down. My neck hurts.


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