Back to the Grindstone…


Geez Louise man! I had to cancel the 8 am class this morning because our power went out and my room was as dark as a cave, not to mention I actually needed the technology in the room this morning, too. So I used the extra time to catch up on grading, which after an hour of that, it became clear that there is about another 1-2 hours left to finish grading those tests. Bleck. But I also put together a nice little power point lecture for the lit class today, so that was an accomplishment, too. I’ve given the theory for Friday a quick cursory read and then will go back over it later (like tomorrow), sent an email, ordered some workout gear (this cool thing that you attach to a pull up bar so you can do pull ups without using a chair like my weak ass upper body has to). I feel like my to do list should look shorter now, but it does not, and that is a bit discouraging. A couple of things I can’t do until I get home though.

I also dislike that this blog has turned into a rant about my body, weight, and workout goals, once again. That’s not the point of this blog. I’m going to move that elsewhere. If/when I do, if that stuff interests you, I’ll post a link. I will say this though, after five days of working out, I feel significantly better and less stressed about stuff.

Also, I found out yesterday that the little article I wrote over Thanksgiving break was accepted (the editor made some minor edits and sent it back to me), and it should be published very soon. I’m very glad to get that piece of information after the new year as it sets a nice positive scholarly/academic tone for me for the new year. The editor also noted that a particular part of the argument was really good and that the entire piece could have addressed that one specific aspect (it was about a paragraph), which was good to hear because the “big” article I’d like to work on would center around that particular issue, so it’s encouraging to know that it has merit and is worth pursuing. And the editor is interested in my pedagogical piece regarding the same text (plus another), so that’s encouraging, too. And if I do end up with one prep next quarter (boring as that may be, but I welcome boring right now), then I should be able to bang out the pedagogical piece pretty early on in the quarter and then be able to focus on the conference paper (if that gets accepted) and the start tinkering with the larger work which I hope to have done by September. At least that’s the goal.

I will say that I’m glad for the power outage this morning and for the stay of execution, as it were, for the 8 am class. I needed that extra time even if I didn’t finish grading.  In any case, I should sleep well tonight. I feel like such a wuss for being so exhausted, but that first day back really is exhausting isn’t it? I will say this: at least it’s not snowing or blustery. And at least I didn’t start a new quarter today which can be more tiring than just picking up where one leaves off. I’m a bit upset that like always I did not accomplish what I had hoped or needed to over break; however, I did get two weeks of rest and didn’t think of work at all, so I guess that’s something positive.

I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot lately.

And I suppose I should run off to teach now. Whew! 75 minutes left and I’m done! I can do it!


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  1. Congrats on the article! Woohoo! Great way to start the new year, agreed. 🙂

    And hey, I think everything you write is interesting, so I vote for keeping it all in one place. Though it’s your blog, so do whatever you like. I’ll be reading no matter what.

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