To Do Better


Well, I already did my new year’s resolutions like 2 months ago which was ridiculous because I have to reevaluate stuff.

There were good things and bad things that happened last year. There were good things and bad things that happened last week even (the week before Christmas sucked!)

The big good things–I seriously beat the odds and successfully moved from a SLAC to a mid-tier research university. Not an R1, but it’s on it’s way. This is HUGE for me because throughout most of my grad career I had been told that *I* should not expect anything better than a 4/4 at a place like the one I was at (THis is not to say that my colleagues at Fancy Town are less than at all! Don’t misinterpret that!). I was also told that I got that job out of luck and charm, not skill or intelligence, and that the chances of my moving out of a job like the one I had were nil. That really, I had a better chance of becoming God him/herself than successfully landing not only another t-t job, but in moving up to a better school. And I did! And I did it on my own! I had help of course, but I had help writing a kick ass letter, had an apparently kick ass interview, and I know that clearly I kicked ass at the campus visit. And during a crappy crappy crappy job search year, still with a large applicant pool. And it was a job I thought for sure I didn’t get, but I did. So that was a great thing.

I also wrote two articles. Two small ones, but two articles. One of which is in press right now. The other I think is in limbo somewhere, but still. More than I thought I’d have done at this time last year.

We no longer live in a tiny apartment. And we are both in the same place.

The dogs are still very healthy, including the Divine Miss T, who is nearing 100 in dog years.

Bad things: left my friends for a new job, two cars were totally smashed up and the J was injured during one smash up. The J is still unemployed, and we are very broke. This time last year, we had a fat sum of money in savings. This year we have hardly anything in savings. And the move here sucked ass, too.

I am heavier right now than I was at this time last year. Actually, it’s the heaviest I’ve been in about three years, and I’ve been gaining and losing the same 15 pounds all year. So that kind of sucks. Actually, that really really sucks.

In general though, I am happier than I was last year. So one out of three isn’t horrible. It’s better than none out of three.

While I will detail my own specific plans for myself, I don’t want to sound like a broken record here. But here’s the goals/resolutions: To Do Better, in all aspects of my life, this year.

  • While I have another small article in the works, I’d like to write a big article, one for a mid-tier journal in my field. (not that I’m ungrateful for the small ones!) But one good solidly placed article, in addition to the two smaller ones I have will secure my scholarship for my tenure application. Anything on top of that will go toward promotion. And that’s the goal.
  • I need to make up my mind to commit to my health and fitness goals. I’m staring down the barrel of 40. I’ve got to get some fitness and some health rockin’ here.
  • Do better with money and savings.
  • Do better at organization and cleaning.
  • Just do better.

So that’s it. I hope I do better this year because for next year I’d like the goals to be “keep doing what you’re doing.”

Happy New Year Folks!


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