So it’s  been a couple of weeks since my whine about doing New Year’s Resolution now and about my bday and all that jazz. I have to say that the recommitment to WW has been a bust. What generally happens keeps happening. Even when I stay within my points (or even if I go over–the weeks that I gain weight for going over are not always consistent so that some weeks I go over my points and still lose weight), I do this weird balancing act. I’ll lose 2.5 pounds one week. Change nothing. Eat basically the same thing and then gain it back. I don’t know what the deal is. But it’s why I keep leaving WW. So the last three weeks have been intensely frustrating. I can’t find a way to be consistent. And we’re getting into dangerous territory here where I start to weigh myself every day and the numbers on the scale dictate my mood for the day. And that shit just isn’t cool. And I need to watch it during the holidays, so I’m at a loss here. I don’t know if following a meal plan or something would work better because then what happens when I encounter things not on the meal plan? I’m too stressed thinking about it. I’m extremely frustrated here, too. I mean, I actually sort of like the WW, but the new point change (again) is starting to piss me off, obviously, and it’s not really working for me for whatever reason. I’m really having a hard time, even going over on the amount of points I did (Xmas party) figuring out that with running 32 miles last week and going over a handful of points that between Friday and Sunday I consumed enough extra calories to equal three pounds! So I don’t know what’s going on here. Maybe since I had cut out some foods for a few weeks and then had those foods this weekend is evidence of an intolerance/allergy if it’s causing bloat and weight gain? Sigh. I perhaps may need to experiment with some more dietary changes. I have another cookbook coming. I think it has more to do with some of the processed foods I had this weekend that I’ve really been focused on not having the last couple of weeks that might be doing it to me. Sigh. What a PITA!

I’m not really actually trying to whine here. I am a little jealous that what, all of you are done for the year with breaks much longer than mine. I am missing that five week break I used to have right about now; however, I also like that I don’t have to travel 22 hours to see family this year, and that even though we’re flat ass busted broke we’re not in the dire straights we would be if we were still in Fancy Town, so I’ll give up three weeks of paid vacation just for that. Today I’m pretty sure, since it’s the day before break, that my 8 am class is going to be half empty. I intend on phoning it in but without appearing to and giving them the Christmas gift of letting them out a bit early. And not for them. I want to go home, too. That’s the only advantage that I can see for having that 8 am class today is that I should be home by 10 am at the latest. I can most certainly live with that right there. Although I find it ridiculous that we even had class these two days this week. Oh well. But it’s been a good first quarter and a half here in Big LIttle Town. And I guess on that note, I should go get ready for class.


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  1. Ok, let me tell you something about my WW experience, and you can feel free to disregard. My experience is that there are variable “results” over about three weeks. My results have been that within three weeks I’m pissed off. I lose a lot in the first week or so, and then I appear to “gain” in the next two. Because I’ve been doing this since like August 2010, what I’ve discovered is that I appear to gain 10 lbs every month with my period. And the moment the period comes, I am a real person and the work I’ve done shows up. And I’ve discovered that I need to change it up with the food if I want to keep losing – i.e., if I eat what I ate last week, even if I lost last week, I won’t lose in the following week. (This is not the case for my friend J. who loses like a champ eating the same shit no matter what, but it is totally the case in my world.) In other words: what I’ve found with the WW is that I need to give it a few months. Giving it only a few weeks makes it a failure, even if it’s not. Now, this is not to make you stick with it. It might not be your thing. But my experience with it is that I have never lost consistently with it. (Even though I HAVE lost 50 lbs. since I started. But not each week when I weigh in).

    Whatever the case, sister, you are fantastic, and it will all be all good. And I’ll tell you that the first thing that I thought in this post is that if you’re running 10+ miles, then it might be that you’re not eating *enough* – that you’re exercising so much that your body is actually holding weight in reserve. Now, I don’t know, but I thought that. Whatever the case, I think you’re great

    • Crazy, you know, I needed to hear this because if it happens to other people, and if it’s true that I stick with it and maybe ignore the flip floppyness of the first three weeks, then that might motivate me to stick with it. And I’ll do what you say–I’ll have a big loss one week, do the exact same thing the next week and either the scale doesn’t budge or it goes right back up. And it could be something to the exercise thing too because I’m super self aware about how much I’m eating on the days that I run that much (because I worry that I’ll overeat as a result), so you might be right. I could be forcing my body into starvation mode without even realizing it. So okay, you’ve inspired me to give it another shot. I will keep with it and just record and do my thing–I think I have six weeks left on this particular “contract,” so I will stick to it for the remainder of the time and see if I’m just being bitchy and whiny right now or if there is some consistent weight loss over the next six weeks. Thanks for the pep talk! And thanks for thinking I’m great. You’re pretty swell yourself, too! 🙂

      I would like to add too that I HATE, I mean, HATE obsessing about my weight, but none of my clothes fit and I refuse to buy new stuff when I have tons (I mean a closet full, an entire dresser full, and storage bags full) of near new clothes already that are just too tight. But again, thank you!

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