Almost done.


Thankfully the end is almost near. This is it. This is the last week of the quarter. I go over the final in one class today, teach tomorrow (why did I do that?? although it worked out fine last week to do the review Thursday–I was so freaking tired), and then W and Th are exam days; Thursday afternoon we’re getting the hell out of dodge for a pre Thanksgiving weekend with the fam, and not that I need to go away (I do wish I were staying put and could sleep for a few days uninterrupted); however, the point is, the quarter will be over! I managed to make it through my first quarter relatively unscathed! No major or minor fuck-ups. No trail of student complaints to my boss. A group of freshman who enjoyed the class and felt they learned from it. A group of 200 level students who felt like they learned a lot about Am. lit. I would call the first quarter, knock wood, a success. And a boss who treats me like a colleague, and I don’t feel like I’m hir daughter, more like the younger sister zie wants to help nurture. So that’s nice. And I’ve made a nice group of friends here, too. And I’m not ready to throw in the towel and hole up for five weeks either. I’m exhausted, but not despondent. And yesterday, I shit you not, it was 79 degrees outside.

I have learned a few things along the way. I am not going to give a research paper in the 200 level class next quarter (even though it was only 5-6 pages). It’s a lit class, not a writing class, and I don’t have time in 10 weeks to reteach research essays. So, instead of the three short analyses and a research paper, I’m going to try three or four extended lit analyses. If I break the class up into four “units,” then I’ll do four. One three to four page paper due at the end of each “unit.” And i’m going to map out revision guidelines (none of this “I just want 2 extra points to get me to a B/A.” I don’t have time for that). We’ll see.

And I’m going to make my life easier with what I teach in the 200 level class, too.

I feel like I’m barely making progress on the article due in 10 days. that has me totally freaked out. It’s going so slowly. And it’s in part because I only have like 1-2 hours (reasonably) to dedicate to it a day, and that’s not getting me far at all with the reading. I may have to just go to the coffee shop today after my run and sit there for about three hours or so and just read. I’ve already graded 8 essays this morning, and I feel like that is just too many. So I will go to my office early I think, read what I have to for tomorrow’s class, and then try to knock out as many research essays as possible during my office hours (although I have two students I need to talk to). Right now, everything seems fairly possible this week, but it’s 6:30 on a Monday morning, so of course it does. So I guess I’ll get to it, see what I can knock out before class.

I’m also fighting a cold or something. Yesterday I was worn the fuck out after watching a particular football game. My throat hurt, and it feels like the beginning of a sinus infection, so I’m trying to keep that at bay. I don’t have time for that. But I think all the usual things that I take for the sinus infection/allergies are already working, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I want to go run this afternoon dammit! All right, on that note, I really am going to go get to it. For those of you finishing up on quarters as well, good luck to you this week! For those of you on the semesters, I hope your week before Thanksgiving break goes smoothly so that you may enjoy your break next week. I’ll see you all soon!


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