Argh. I just really really want to sit around and whine today! I am, if wonders will never cease, caught up on my grading. I take up a stack of fresh essays tomorrow morning and then a set of revisions tomorrow night. Man how I LOVE electronic submissions!! I get through the grading so much quicker because I can type faster than I write, and it doesn’t hurt my hands–they don’t get all cramped up, and I’m not as grumpy because it doesn’t take as long. Plus, it keeps me from marking every.single.thing. It forces me to focus on the larger issue, the content, the argument (and obviously if there are multiple and glaring grammar issues, but if there are, then we address them as a class this time around). It’s been good for me. I think it makes my comments better and more focused, which in turn helps them. And if I want to go somewhere and grade, all I have to do is lug (hardly lug) my little macbook air instead of a stack of papers. And they are stored on the site, so if there are any grade contests, then it’s easy to pull up the essay and my feedback. I love it! It makes me so efficient!! I’ve got to try to utilize my office hours well today so that I can get some reading for next week done so that I can spend the weekend working on that small article due in three weeks. I’m going to grade as much as I can during my office hours tomorrow morning and during their class time (It’s an “independent work” day since they have much due in the next 1.5 weeks–there are a few who will use the the time wisely, so for those who are thankful for it, it’s not a wasted non-class).

So the article. I have the book almost finished. Yay. Instead of working out in the mornings, since that’s not been going so well the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reading. And that has been going well. So I will continue to do that until the end of the quarter. Except today. I slept in a little bit and I’m moving slow. The J went back to Home City to work for a few days and for drill. I miss the dude terribly. But it’s good. Four days of work and a drill weekend gets us 2 car payments, so that’s great. And at least he has a safe new car to drive up there, with apparently really great gas mileage–this model gets 35 on the hwy; our previous one got 28, and the banana mobile gets between 23-26 on the hwy, so score! I miss my sentra which got nearly 40 on the hwy, but shit, 35 is nothing to sneeze at. That means we should be able to get to our Thanksgiving thing easily on a little more than 1/2 a tank of gas which will be a super cheap trip then!

Anyway, the article thing. Reading in the morning. Positive. Have been able to knock out a lot of stuff most mornings this week before classes. I like it. I haven’t actually shifted the workouts to the afternoons though (except yesterday), which is bad because, hello marathon training! But this is always the case right? It’s crunch time and things get thrown out of balance for a variety of reasons. And I need to learn balance and consistency.

Next quarter will be easier, I hope, because a) we get breaks, and b) I’ll have one new prep instead of two. And I guess the other class will be like a half prep because I need to change some of the stuff from this semester, but not a whole lot I don’t think.

But anyway, focus, the article. I’m back to feeling like I can get this done, especially since the J is gone for a few days, possibly a week. We’ll see if I still feel so positive after diving into the theory. Plus it will depend on how much I really get done this weekend. I don’t believe I have any social engagements. I do need to spend a couple of hours cleaning; however, the focus for tomorrow and Saturday will be the article. And then part of Sunday.

And then I will run. I will run in the afternoons.

And I rejoined WW, because this shit is getting out of control and I have no discipline and rather than losing weight this quarter, I’ve managed to gain like another five pounds. Even with the working out, which is inconsistent at best, and the lack of consistency is probably the problem. So yeah. It’s been a rocky week though for the WW and I’ve not done that well, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, so we’ll see.

And I should go get ready.


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