Hello Monday. I’m glad you’re here.That means there’s only 2.5 weeks plus finals left.


Well, the quarter has officially kicked my ass.

This weekend was another bust, as far as work goes. Here’s the non-academic stressors. We know we got a crappy deal on the new car. We are very much well aware of this information. It’s not a crappy deal that we can’t afford, but we’re terrible negotiators and truth be told, we’re easy marks. When we have to replace the banana mobile, we’ll be smarter because we’ll have a functionally operational and safe car. Anyway, I also can’t keep my mouth shut. When a relative asked about this, I was completely honest that we got a terrible deal and mentioned my plans to deal with the terrible deal. This made matters worse. Now, we have a generous offer from a relative to help make the best of a bad situation; however, the reaffirmation that we got a terrible deal made us both very very stressed as we wasted a lot of time on Saturday worrying about something we could now no longer fix and trying to research loopholes that would allow us to bargain for a better deal. There are none. Additional stress was created where there was little before (Like I said, we know we got a crappy deal, but given our credit, we know our options are few and far between–we tried to refinance through our bank–they literally laughed at us and told us to keep the deal we had; nice, right? So we know we’re fucked). Anyway, that means that I was not able to work on Saturday because I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. I had a ton of nervous energy. And there was the possibility of an impromptu visit from said relative, so I had to work on the storage room guest room, and we had to put our Halloween costumes together, which took all day (and was totally worth it because we were the major hit of the party if I might say so myself). Friday we spent all afternoon getting the car, and then we had a reception thing to go to, at which we got trapped into staying on our way out. But it was the dean’s house, so what do you do? I was the only non-tenured person left, and it was clear that they wanted us to stay, so we stayed. No biggie. The only problem was just that I wanted to go home is all.

Now I have family coming in for the last three weeks of the quarter. For realz. They’re not staying with me the entire time, but they will be an hour away. That’s pressure to visit. And I do think my mom will be here for a week or something like that. And the J is going away for a week to a week and a half if he can get paid for some work at his unit for a few days. If he works for 8 days, plus his drill weekend, then that’s our first three car payments covered, so while not ideal, it ensures that we have the car payment while we wait for the GI Bill to come in and gives us a little bit of time here to get ourselves together.

I’m prepped for the week. I did that yesterday. I do need to reread the stuff for this morning, but I’ll do that during my office hour before class. And I’ve got grading to do, but I am only doing that during office hours, and I have about 1.5 extra hours tomorrow while the lit class is doing a peer review for the first part of class in both classes, so that will help. But I have got to bust through some serious reading this week and this weekend. The J will be gone for sure at least this weekend, so I’ve got to play some major catch-up here. I don’t believe I have anything to go to this weekend, so I will have to park my buttocks at home and just hunker down and work.

I may also have to give up the P90X goal until the new quarter starts. I’m too exhausted at this point in the quarter to add anything new, and I’ve got too much going on to try to make major adjustments and finish the quarter with all this work. So I’ll focus on the marathon training, because that’s the key here, and then when everything starts anew, and I’m all fresh and rested and have a month of marathon training under my belt, I’ll add the second part. For now, I’m a wuss. I’ve got to punk out. Otherwise I’m not going to get anything done, and I’ve got to run and get the article written. Those are the priorities. Because I’m at that point in the quarter now where every night when I go to bed, I say, just before I turn out the lights, “I don’t wanna teach tomorrow.” And not because I dislike my job or anything like that. I’m just tired. This is a tough quarter because there are no breaks for us here. We go straight through for 11 weeks. We get a nice Thanksgiving break, and I’m so thankful that the furthest we’ll travel is four hours, and that it’s just for the weekend (and I’m super thankful that we get to drive and not fly to the event this year), and we do get a nice break–it’s like 10 or 12 days or something like that. Ok, it’s 13 days between the last day of class for the quarter and the start of classes for the new quarter. Nice. I need every bit of it.

And speaking of needing every bit of time to do things, I’m going to go read now toward that article for a little while. I’m not going to workout, so I’ve got my coffee and I’ve got about an hour, and I think I can get something done here with that.


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  1. wait wait, I’ve got 4.5 weeks til the end of the semester. How early are you done? Do you not go back until January like us too?

  2. No. We’re on quarters. We start early and end right before thanksgiving, and then we start the winter quarter at the beginning of December and then have a mid quarter break for the holidays.

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