Irresponsible Move? Perhaps.


Well, I lost an entire day yesterday. And I’ve been up since about 3:45 this morning. My plan was to get up at 4:45, but , by about 4:15 I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I’m totally filled with anxiety right now.

We bought a car yesterday. I think when the J is finally working or getting his housing allowance or whatever we will be closer to being able to afford it. And the whole point in having one car is to try to save some money and make sure that the J stays here. Yesterday it seemed like we could afford it. I think I’m up this early because I’m worried about it.

The only reason we went to the dealership was because we found this great deal on-line. Before I got home, we found out that the car had been sold for over a week already. Of course, it was the car I wanted with super low mileage for $7K. That we could afford. If I could get my retirement from Fancy Town out, I could buy the car outright. Well, anyway, I convinced the J to go to the dealer to look and see what else is out there, that maybe we’d get lucky.

We didn’t leave with anything close to that car. We didn’t even leave with a used car. We bought a brand spanking new 2012 vehicle! Yup, that’s right. I bought almost the exact same car that I crashed up three months ago. I had to sacrifice the sun roof. And I don’t have the cool light up speakers on this one either, but I can add those later. First I don’t know how we qualified for a car loan. Oh, wait, the interest rate is 1.5 times what it was on our former new used car. That’s how we qualified. So yeah, that’s going to hurt. Unless I can still get my retirement and pay almost half of it off. But I can’t count on that. ANd I think perhaps the reason I have anxiety is because it’s not like she’s here yet. We have a loaner until she comes in, which should be this afternoon. Admittedly, the only reason we were considering cars right now is because the other one is on the fritz again. And it’s the same reason why we got the car the last time–we didn’t want every car problem to become an emergency. I think if I were getting up this morning to see my car sitting in the driveway it’d be a different story. I think I’d be less anxious because I’d be excited about my car. The used one we were looking at were almost the same price as the new ones. Seriously. In some cases, we’re talking about $1000-$2000 difference with anywhere from 25K-40K miles on it. Maybe if the used ones had less than 10K, but whatever.

So yeah, we sort of got talked into a new car that we weren’t ready to buy but were totally willing to buy. So here’s the takeaway. While we will have to enforce some personal austerity measures, a la Greece, keeping up with the payments will help us to restore our shit ass credit. If/when the other car needs repairs/has breakdowns, we won’t have to dip into our savings to fix the car immediately and we will still have transportation. Since the other car is older and we will primarily be driving the new car and the old one only really around town, we can drop the insurance now from full coverage on that one to just liability which will help out. The new 2012 Souls drive much better than the one I had. It’s shinier, and has some cool Mini Cooper like interior controls, which is a plus. (I’ve always wanted a Mini Cooper, but after the car accident, I will probably never own one because had I been in a Cooper, I’d have been killed). Part of the reason the car payment is higher than we were expecting is because obviously we added the GAP insurance (which people, I’m telling you, is always worth it), and we bought the extended warranty which covers the car for 10 years rather than 5 and I think it includes towing and if we need a rental car or something while the car is being repaired. And we got the tire and wheel insurance (which is only $300 over the life of the car payment), but if the tire blows or needs to be replaced (and well, I have such a great history with tires), we pay $30 per tire per incident for a new tire. Seriously? $300 is enough to cover all four tires, so that’s fine. Because blow outs usually happen on vacation when you don’t have money anyway. And it covers the wheels, so if the wheel gets damaged, we don’t pay.

It probably sounds extravagant, but as two people who have had bad luck with cars in the last two years, we don’t mind paying more for insurance because historically, we’ve used it. Tire insurance would have come in handy two years ago in Fancy Town. Plus I get free oil changes for a year and free rotating and balancing of the tires for a year.

The J feels like we got a good deal. I think that’s enough for me. It’s just that we are going to have to live like grad students now. But at least we are in a part of the country where that is possible. If we were still in Fancy Town with this car payment–well, we wouldn’t have this car. But I guess I’m kind of excited. I’m sad about the sun roof, but really I guess it’s too hot here to use the sun roof in the summer. And I can add the audio package later. Which really, I’m quibbling over luxuries here. And I guess the truth of the matter is that we’re not going to be in a better position in a year–we could be, but we can’t depend on that. And if we do have kids in the next year, we need a safer car anyway, and while the other car isn’t unsafe, this one has a higher crash rating, and I know from experience that it’s safe and withstands a huge crash.

We are so irresponsible though. We’ve been saying “we can’t afford another car. We can’t afford another car.” But that all changes when the one we have goes on the fritz. And I totally made the salesman’s job easy by talking about my former Soul like it was my kid. It’s so weird to me. I’m so attached to that thing.


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  1. Oh I most certainly did! We had some debate between the Alien and the Titanium color because the J likes gunmetal grey cars, but my argument is that the green is much more visible, and I’m terrified of getting hit again, although the green didn’t make much difference the last time.

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