I’ve got to learn pacing. I think I do need to, from now on, stick to some kind of grading rule, especially during the week, and if I pick up drafts on a Friday. I got squat done yesterday (including no workouts) because I was exhausted from a little over four hours of grading on top of almost four hours of teaching. That was a long ass day yesterday. And for the next month, I’ve got to get better about that.

It’s not like they were drafts I had been sitting on either. These were drafts that I took up Monday morning. Yes, monday morning. And I finished them and their revision from last week yesterday afternoon after one moderately successful class and one not so successful class. (Guess who’s getting a quiz on Thursday?!) But yesterday when I got home, I just crashed. Seriously. We opened a bottle of wine, make some burgers, ate a large amount of chips and salsa and had lots of kit kat minis for desert, and watched Futurama and The X Files for about five hours. No kidding. I can’t afford to just zone out like this from exhaustion one day a week and not get anything on that article done! Now I’m starting to panic about it. So why am I blogging and not reading? Because this is my “waking up” time before I workout.

I will say that *not* grading as soon as I got up yesterday did indeed help me be able to knock out all of the papers during the day yesterday, but it wiped me out. So I’ve got 70 (roughly) lit analyses coming in on Thursday. I’ll start on them during my office hours after class, teach, and then use the last office hour to prep for Friday’s class. Then during my office hour on Friday, I’ll grade what I can. I’m going to limit the grading to 1 hour on Saturday and 1 hour on Sunday and 1 hour on Monday, and then use Tuesday’s office hours to finish them up if needed. I know I have students who are going to want to see me all week, so I’ve got to figure out how to negotiate that, too. Crap. Oh well. The point is, I’ve got to come up with a reasonable plan here so that I can get my stuff done without wearing myself out.

And I don’t want to be worn out because I’ve got to be able to work out.

And that I think was yesterday’s big mistake–not working out in the morning. I know better. Especially on the long days, so I’ve got to figure something out then. I’ve got to make myself work out on TR mornings because yesterday was sluggish as a result. So I’ve got to figure that out.

Well, it’s time for me to start getting my $hit together for the morning. Have a productive day everyone!


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