Trying to relax and get motivated all at the same time.


I must admit. I feel like it’s horribly irresponsible for me to be blogging right now when I have so much to do today. Admittedly, I’m only *mostly* prepped for class today. It’s a text I’ve taught many times. I reread the parts I remember the least yesterday, and skipped the last 13 pages because I ran out of time yesterday afternoon. I feel like I know the end of the text the best, but also that there’s so much stuff (and I’m using a different copy of the book) in the early part, that I needed to reread that business. And after a wonderful dinner last night (it was so easy–the J did 2/3 of the chopping for me, and dinner took about half the time!), we caught up on our missed t.v. shows* and then watched some wrestling and I went to bed.

I tried to grade. But I couldn’t make it through one essay. I think for the sake of productivity, I need to wait until I get to school because I have to bang those essays out today. I asked my freshman not to come see me today about their revisions so that I could get their essays commented on today. I have about 16 that need to get done. And I want them done tonight. Prep for tomorrow’s class won’t be too trying, and fortunately on Thursday I’m teaching something I know well. But I have 70 lit analyses coming in Thursday. Yesterday I seemed so hopeful. Today I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to write this damn article in five weeks. AT least tomorrow morning I will have time to do the yoga in the a.m., and I have the afternoon free to work on other things. And I think from here on out, as stuff will be rolling in steadily, I need to pace myself with the grading. I think I need to set a goal of 1.5 hours a day really. And that’s all. I think for the shorter ones, I can get through roughly 12-15 in an hour and a half. For the longer ones, and the ones that need lots of commenting, about 8-10. And I might have to break it up. Sheesh. I guess on Thursday I’ll just start working on them as soon as they come in. Anyway…

This means the workout is pushed back to this afternoons, which usually happens on Tuesdays. I’ve got to make a better go of it Thursday morning, and I’ve got to stop having sugar at night! I’m such an old lady! Hot chocolate keeps me awake! Egads. Here’s the plus side–we have leftovers galore for dinner tonight, so I don’t have to cook!

I’m hoping though that taking 45 minutes to just blog here and “relax” this morning before jumping right into work will do me more harm than good. After looking at one paper, I realized that grading this morning might cause burn out by the time I was done teaching the morning class and that I wouldn’t be able to get through as many between 10-12, although I think I have a couple of students coming in after class. And I *know* that I’ll have one student in my office after the noon class. The one who doesn’t get it. The one who has no analytical skills whatsoever, who seriously doesn’t see the difference between interpreting a text and restating what the text says. And who refuses to focus on content. Zie wants to go through the paper line by line and fix the sentences (because zie doesn’t get what’s going on; I get it). Zie has no sense of content. It’s exhausting. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but I wish zie would go away. When it comes to the final research essay, I don’t want to have to deal with that with hir. I’m going to have to eat my spinach or something, gather strength preparing for that one. I don’t even know why I’m going to do a peer review in that class.

So it was probably unwise not to jump into the grading this morning or equally probably unwise not to just jump right into my workout this morning or equally unwise not to read toward the article this morning, so I hope my desire to relax and get a handle on my day doesn’t come back to bite me. Okay, now I’m feeling demoralized instead of better. Snap out of it Nola! Gear up for the day! You can do it! You accomplished a lot yesterday, including your workouts! YOu can do it today! And I give you permission to go to bed early if you want! You can do it, Nola! You’re good enough! You’re smart enough! You’re tough enough! And you will get your afternoon workouts in!

I think on my way to work this morning I’m going to listen to “Eye of the Tiger.” And “Gonna Fly Now.” I need some Rocky motivation and inspiration. I need to get pumped for this long day! Peace out!


*I love this show. Seriously. I feel like it’s one of the very best shows on television right now. And I also really like this one. And I figured out why last night. J mentioned that the main character was forming his group like Frank Castle (The Punisher), and it’s true. There are lots of parallels. And I love The Punisher. So I think that’s why I really like this show. And I’m really heart broken that “How to Be a Gentleman” was cancelled after three shows. It was cute.


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