A bunch of stuff with a bonus To Do


So the plan was to grade a bit before working out; however, the system is being slow, so I can’t get to my class, or it’s moving slow, and it’s a pain in the arse needless to say, so I may just have not to grade one or two papers before my workout. I do really need to get into the habit of working out first thing, but I think I need to work up to that. If I get up early enough, I have time to have a cup of coffee, to sit and wake up, work some of the kinks out, etc. But that’s been part of the problem with getting the workouts in on TRs. I just don’t have time to laze about like that before the workout. And I need that, at least in these early stages, to wake up. I need to be able to collect my thoughts.

I only got through 13 essays yesterday. I have six left to finish today. This puts me really behind schedule actually. Fortunately yesterday I did get my lunch and stuff made for the week (I made chicken salad–not bad for my first time out. I will need to tinker). We have leftovers ready for Tuesday, because I figured the thing that will work best is to save Sundays leftovers until Tuesday (since that’s the long day), cook Mondays. Cook enough on Wednesdays to have leftovers on Thursday (the other long day), Fridays are pizza or eating out day, and Saturday is clean out the fridge day. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get the grading finished yesterday and that I read nothing for class this week, and have made no headway on that article. I guess I need to sit down and  look at my week and figure out a week long to do list and figure out what needs to get done for when. This will mean spending a large part of Friday afternoon working. And I think it’s going to have to be like that for the rest of the quarter because shit, we have four weeks left, and that means five weeks for the article. Why did I agree to write an article in five weeks? Oh, wait, I *have* to have scholarship here for tenure. From what I hear, the guy that the other new person replaced was probably one of the best professors, as far as teaching goes, that the department had ever seen, but he had one article, so they booted him. So even if I were stellar in every other aspect, it means nothing without the scholarship. So I guess that’s why I agreed to do an article in five weeks.

And seriously, what does that *really* mean for my life? That I can’t drink every night with dinner because it’ll make me sleepy like an old lady and unproductive. It means I’ve got to work during most of the weekends, especially Friday afternoons. It means I don’t get to party like a fool. And all of these things (except spending most of the weekend working) are good things anyway because of the marathon training, too. The only thing this article is going to affect is my social life and my desire to sit around and drink and be lazy, so why am I really complaining? Because I want to be lazy. Sheesh.

But, this *is* the field that I really want to establish myself in. A), it’s where all the cool kids hang out, and I don’t want to be left out of the gang; B) it’s probably one of the new growing areas in my field/periphery of study/interest; C) I’m in it at the right time with the right people who could really help me make my mark, so again, really, why the fuck am I complaining.

The next four weeks will be interesting to say the least, perhaps most of all in terms of monitoring my sanity and productivity. I’ve got to try to remain somewhat balanced though because I don’t want to crash over the Thanksgiving break and end up sick for 10 days and have to basically start all over in December.

So, the break down for the next month–last month of the quarter. Yay. But grading galore. And I’ve got to think about prepping for the coming quarter, but it’s only one new class, and the lit survey will just require some tweaking here and there. Phase I of the P90X starts (again) today. Marathon training starts officially on Thursday. Article due in five weeks.

I’ve got a lot of stuff packed into this month. I hope I don’t crash and burn. Actually, I’m shooting for beyond survival. I don’t want to simply just make my way through the next month doing what I can. Because I slept last night and because the cobwebs are starting to clear a bit this morning, I do feel hopeful here that I can make it through the next month and not just break even.

For Today at least, I need to:

  • Workout
  • Run
  • Finish the six essays from yesterday
  • Comment on at least 6-8 of the drafts that I’ll be picking up today–got through six. I’m done with those for the day . That means I have to finish them tomorrow, but I think I can.
  • Prep/read for tomorrow’s class
  • Read for one hour toward article –at least (it needs to be more than that, but I have a lot to read for class tomorrow) Crap. This is the only thing that I didn’t get done. I just ran out of time.
And for tomorrow
  • Workout in am–I may move this to this afternoon. I don’t want to because I want to get it out of the way, but I already will be running late if I do. Perhaps I should read the stuff for my article. There’s no way I can grade right now.
  • Run
  • Try to finish the drafts taken up Monday; but shoot for 8 as a minimum. That’s it. That’s all I got done was 25 drafts–18 that needed comments, and 7 revision drafts.
  • Prep for Wednesday’s class
  • Read for article for an hour–at least. It needs to be more, but I’ve got to start chipping away.
And for Wednesday
  • Yoga-Yoga moved to Friday. Today we do Plyo since I punked out yesterday.
  • If not finished with drafts, finish drafts.
  • Prep for Thursday’s class.
  • Finish primary text for article.
  • Nap. Did that yesterday.

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