Feeling positive for the new week so far.


Friday was The Divine Miss T’s 14th birthday! Yup,my baby girl, my faithful companion, my best friend turned 14 on Friday. I’ll have to do a post just about her sometime soon to honor the old girl’s recent birthday. And I’ve had her the entire 14 years of her life minus 9 weeks, but started feeding her and playing with her in the apartment complex where she was abandoned when she was 4 weeks old, so I’ve known Miss T for basically her entire life. But, more on her when I can devote an entire post to my sweet babies.

I accomplished nothing yesterday save mostly cleaning off the dining room table, putting away three blankets, and going for a five mile run. I put some books away. Tried to make the office a bit neater, but um, yeah, it’s not really any neater. The bookshelves are, but that’s about it. So today I must finish the freshman papers because I pick up another set of drafts from them tomorrow, and those too must be done by Wednesday. I’ve got to finish at least one of my books for the article by Wednesday as well so I can start in on the theory stuff by Thursday because now I’m down to five weeks here for that thing. Another iron clad deadline. There’s no leeway with this one because it’s going out in the December issue. Yikes.

I’ve also got to go to the grocery today and get the meals prepped for the week so that way they will be easy for either the J or I to make so there can be no slacking. I think I’ll grade for a couple of hours, go for a run, grade for an hour, go to the store, finish grading. That’s all that I need to accomplish today. Grading, run, grading, store, grading. In that order.

Because you’re all waiting with baited breath, while Friday’s and Saturday’s runs weren’t great, my mood is significantly better having run two days in a row now, and I’m sleeping better–rather I slept the whole night through Friday and last night, and I think this very much has to do with having gone for a run. And the sleep helps the mood and the attitude just as much as the run does. And you know what? Not only do I really want to run a sub 4 hour marathon in March, but I really want to get through a cycle of P90X so that I’m ready at the first of the year to do the P90X2 (which won’t ship until right before Christmas–rest assured, my pre order for the super deluxe ultimate pack is in) because I *really* want to be able to do that workout. Because you know, I’d like to have kids one day, but I don’t want to go into a pregnancy miserable and unhealthy, especially not at my age. (Although the other part of me doesn’t want to get pregnant at all because that’s a year (preg. + immediate post birth; I know women don’t go to a year long term) of not being able to do workouts like that). And I don’t want to go into 36 feeling as crappy about myself as I did going into 35. I’m getting way tooooooo old for that.

I am thinking about a blog just for the P90X and the marathon training so that way I don’t have to bore you guys over here over and over with my body image issues. If I actually keep up with it, I’ll post the link. But we’ll see how that goes.

And now, I should consider getting to all that grading that I need to do.


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