Now I’m sad again. The J just left. It was much harder than I thought for him to leave. Yesterday he did a lot, too. He mowed the lawn, fixed my bike, got his tire replaced, and then we spent the afternoon painting my office. It took three hours. I didn’t think it’d take that long, but it did. I’m glad that he helped me though because it would have taken me longer, and I wouldn’t have been able to move the bookcases by myself. It looks really nice and fresh. It’s lime green. I absolutely LOVE that I could paint the office any color I so desired. I mean seriously, how great is that?? I didn’t have to ask permission; I didn’t have to have building services to do; I didn’t have to get color approval. I love it! It’s definitely not the chair’s taste, but she didn’t disapprove. And another senior faculty member’s response was “good for you!”

I feel like I should be panicking because I haven’t done my syllabus for tomorrow yet. Perhaps I should be. But neither of my new colleagues has theirs done either!

We had meetings all day yesterday. You know, not bad at all. They were, dare I say, super efficient! The meeting to discuss the college of liberal arts-45 minutes. He addressed budget, retention, awards, and goals. Seriously. In 45 minutes. Oh, and we held elections. The president’s meeting? 1 hour. That involved: state of the university, budget, goals, retention, awards, kudos, introductions of ALL the new faculty and staff, future plans, and his summer vacation. Seriously. The faculty senate president also talked during that time as did college of liberal arts dean. Our faculty meeting–45 minutes and it had a two page agenda. That included misc. announcements at the end. And it covered the grad program, the writing center, and the comp program. I guess people around here don’t like meetings so they don’t waste time in them. Now, I’ve not sat in a committee meeting yet, but the big meetings went well.

I’m super stoked about my office though. It’s so bright and cheery in there now. And you know, since it takes me all of 4 minutes to get to campus, it so did not bother me that I was there until 6 painting. Really. And since the office is so cheery, if I have to spend a lot of time in it, it’s not like sitting in a prison cell.  So yay for being at a place that says, “hey, this is *your* office, you’re the one who has to spend time in it; make it your own.” I just love it. I love it here.

So I guess I should start getting ready so I can bring some stuff to the office and then think about what I’m going to do tomorrow! Oh, and I need food, too. Hmpf. Busy day I guess.


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