I guess this is the official start of the quarter


Oy, it’s early. I’m not sure why I’m up so early. Oh, yes, I have meetings today, but they did not require me to be up before dawn, but I am up. I need to start getting in this habit of early upness, especially if I intend to work out before teaching. I think, for the record, an 8:30 am meeting when ones husband is in town is entirely bogus. If he weren’t here, or if the quarter had started already, fine. But I guess technically I did start getting paid for work on Sept. 1, so I can’t complain. I mean, I *can* complain, but it’s stupid to, right? I mean, the semester *has* started.

I have gained weight folks. All my summer plans, down the tube and wrapped in a fatter ass. Sigh. Like Wile E. Coyote, back to the drawing board. And if I don’t get my shit together over the next 6-8 weeks, then I can kiss that March marathon goodbye! My knees cannot take another marathon (or half marathon) at this weight or within 20 pounds of this weight. Not even with the proper training. If I do, then I’m going to end up permanently injured and will have to kiss the running goodbye. And I don’t want that to happen, so here we go again. I’ll spare you the details.

The J was supposed to drive back to Home City today, but I talked him into staying another day. He got a flat tire on the way down here, and that needs to be taken care of before he can go home, and I don’t want him to have to run around all morning and then drive home. He mentioned the possibility of staying for another day, and I said “do it!” and he is.

This weekend was a great weekend. We bought a washer and dryer! Yay!! A great set that was on sale! So now I don’t have to do my laundry at my g’parents’ once a week or once every two weeks–I can do it at my leisure, nor do I have to worry about laundromats. Yay! I love washer and dryers. And they are nice, too. I mean, we didn’t go overboard–had there not been a sale, I’d still have to wait, but yay for sales and free delivery! And for being in a house with a w/d hookup!

We also got some new grips for my bike, a new bike chain, and a new helmet for me. I’m super excited about this helmet. Obnoxiously so. It’s a kids helmet because I have a small head. It’s charcoal grey with this giant fuchsia star on it. It looks more like a roller derby helmet, which I think is cooler than a bike helmet, but it’s approved for bikes as well. Anyway, I’m super stoked about being able to bike to campus. None of my dresses and skirts fit right now anyway, so I’ll be wearing pants. And from what I can tell, no one in our department wears suits or suit pants, but it’s more a khakis and blazers for the men, and the women seem to be about the same, or rather some of them, so dress chinos and a nice shirt works for biking to school, so yay! Although I bike in dresses and skirts anyway. I like biking to work, too, because I don’t have to fight for parking! Plus, the biking to and fro will help with the weight loss as years ago the weight gain started when I quit biking to campus and to the coffee house to grade and stuff. So I have my fingers crossed here.

The J also brought one of my desks from home city (but left half the shelves, ok…), but that means that I can now use the dining room table to eat at, so that’s good.

It also turns out that the J’s contract will not go past January 1, which is bad for our finances; however, if he gets into school for the winter quarter, then he’ll be here for good on December 1, and we don’t have to get another car, as much as I want another Soul, I’d rather just buy the J a nice bike, too. And it’s such a livable place that we don’t *need* two cars right now. And if we both have bikes… But I miss him. I really want him to come home. If we didn’t owe my parents so much money from the move, then I’d tell him to just stay here right now. But, we need to get out from under that first so we don’t have to keep borrowing money from them, and so we can have something in savings for emergencies and stuff. But anyway, that’s boring.

So I guess I’m off to get ready for meetings! Those of you starting today, have a great first day back! for the rest of you, hope your week goes well!


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