I hope this finds everyone doing well with their first week of classes. We start Thursday, and of course I am nowhere near closer to accomplishing what needs to be done than I was the last time I wrote a blog post.  I’m still feeling exhausted. And my body just hurts. Just hurts.

Today is my first day of orientation. And I went to campus yesterday. And then I had coffee with a new colleague who is awesome and super helpful. And the woman in HR had really nice hair, so I asked her for a salon recommendation. So I have a hair appointment set up before school starts. Today I need to find a post office and then look at paint samples so I can paint my office.

I’ve gone a whole week again without working out. I think my problem is exhaustion. I did manage to get up early today, but I couldn’t bring myself to work out. In the meantime, I am just gaining weight again. But, I’m not going to get into that again, since I have no discipline or drive at this moment, it’s just going to be some sort of cycle of self pity and whatever, and I don’t want to wallow. I do need to get into the habit of working out first thing in the morning, but it takes me days to get into that kind of schedule. What happens is I work out one day, and then each day I get to it earlier and earlier until I’m finally working out first thing in the am.

Okay, I do have a question for you though–I’m teaching an intro to theory/lit crit class in the winter. I’ve got to have a book order in in about a week and a half (I just found out yesterday that I am teaching the class). I’ve taught this class before at Fancy Town College last fall, but I don’t think I want to do it in the same way (I will if I run out of time)–so, do any of you have any texts that you like to use for this type of class? Either on the lit side or the theory/crit side? Do you have pairings that you like/recommend? Fall quarter hasn’t even started yet and I’ve got to try to figure out winter already!



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