Yesterday went better than Monday, I’m happy to report. I did some work. Not a lot mind you, but more than I’ve done in the last weeks, so that felt good to work. I also went for a run. Sweet Jesus, I went for a run! This is the first time I’ve run since the car accident. I haven’t run in a month. But yesterday I ran. It was only for 20 minutes because I haven’t run in a month and it was hot as hell outside already mid morning (102 was the heat index by 10:30). I’m going to try to get out a little bit earlier today. The goal was to get up early this morning, but I stayed up until midnight watching Rambo movies. Yes, you read that correctly. I watched part II and part IV.** So I was up until midnight.

But let me tell you about that run. Wow. I mean, wow. Best I have felt in, well, like a month! I felt clear, focused, and happy for the rest of the day. I felt good. I did some work. I put away some more clothes. I made dinner. And I did the dishes. It’s the most productive day I’ve had since the first week I was here (if you count all of the unpacking and stuff). My neighborhood is just a little over a mile loop, so while I feel like a hamster on a wheel, right now, while it’s hot, I don’t mind doing  loops if it keeps me close to the house.

I guess I have a lot to do the next couple of days. I need to buy groceries, go to the cell phone co., buy more fire ant killer (okay, I was dreaming about my war with fire ants last night–there is a giant mound in my neighbor’s yard that’s right next to the property line that I believe is the source of the continuing ant mounts–I think if this colony was eliminated, then it would cut down on the mounds. But I don’t want to dump a big pile of poison in their yard, so I’ve got to find some other stuff so that I may surreptitiously destroy the mound). I’ve got to keep working on course prep, send a couple of emails, and clean the house, oh, and I need to shave the Red Rocket and bathe them both by Friday. The little dude is just so hot with all that fur. I really should have shaved him the first week we were here, but the first shaving really is a pain in the arse. Anyway…

For those of you to whom this applies, I hope you had wonderful first days back! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. I think I’m going to go for a run now before it’s gets unbearable hot.

**Say what you will. You know I’m a Stallone and action junkie. But if you can handle violence, and you haven’t seen Rambo IV, I highly recommend it. I should just write a post on Rambo. As an action (almost war movie) movie, and outside of the franchise, it stands very very well on its own. And then end of the first one still brings me to tears every.single.time., which is why I went right for II.


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