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Well, I think I’m out of my anger funk. For the first time though, this bout of whatever has made me consume more ice cream in the last three days than I have in the last year, seriously. It was quite honestly compulsive. I usually have cravings and stuff during my “lady time,” but nothing like this. That’s also probably why I’ve been staying up so late the last few nights. I’m sure the sugar and the caffeine from the chocolate have just been running rampant through my veins, it’s no wonder I’ve stayed up later than I have in a very long time.

On the positive side? I might be sick of ice cream!

I feel like there’s an ecological disaster in my yard because I have very large mounds of fire-ants–we’re talking 8 inches in diameter. Fire-ants scare me. I have lots of heavy duty poison in the yard. That scares me just as much. I have found some better products, but we have to get paid first. For now, I just have to hope that the neighbors keep their unleashed dogs out of my yard. I just hate all the poison in the yard. Argh.

I have a headache this morning from the mass amounts of sugar I consumed this weekend.

I have a lot of stuff to do in the next couple of weeks. As I know we all do. Those of you who start today, good luck! Have a great first day and first week! It’s time for me to step it up since I’ve got two weeks to go. Or two weeks and a couple of days. Actually, I just saw that my classes don’t actually start until the 8th?!? Wow. So I have a bit of a stay of execution, as it were.

The J’s orders were finally posted and effective as of the 15th, which means a) we have insurance again (I need to stay on top of that), and b) we get a full paycheck on the first. Thankfully! So with any luck, we should be just about caught up by the first and totally caught up by the end of September. It looks like we’re going to have to hold off on that washer and dryer until October, but at least we’ll be in the black by then and we should have my parents paid off from the move, and hopefully I can get a pill paid off. Although, I have two utility bills–one from Fancy Town and one from Home City–each of which is pretty hefty, so I’ve got to get caught up with those, too. Argh. So much. So so much. But the sooner we get caught up and ahead, the sooner the J gets to move here.

Well, this is getting boring, even for me. Again, good luck to all of you starting today or this week! I’m going to go be a good girl and be productive!


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