One of those mornings.


I’m having a morning where I don’t know why, but I’m resentful and angry. I don’t have much to say beyond that. I guess it’s a good thing if it motivates me; it’s a bad thing if it means I’m going to lay on the couch all day and wallow in self-pity and be a baby. And it’s more or less that I’m angry with myself rather than anything else. Nothing bad has happened. It’s just one of those mornings. And I had to blog it to get it out of my head, so there it is. Now I will make an attempt of productivity.


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  1. Again, I’ll remind you what my midwife said: when people have low-grade pain in their bodies, they tend to think it’s a mood or somewhat psychological. If you’re hurting in some small way you barely even notice, of course you’ll be resentful and angry! (This really helps me understand why sometimes I’m just the bitch from hell and don’t know why. Seriously, I can remember so many moments where I don’t even know why I’m spitting venom only to realize that I’m PMSing.)

    Or maybe, in your case, it’s just your mindbody balancing itself out after things being crazy and then feeling good and confident.

    I’m also currently contemplating why it is we feel we have to be so damn productive every single day of the week. A sabbath — in the Jewish tradition, yes, a day to be more cognizant of God and all that, but also a day that starts with wine, so it’s meant to be more jubilant than respectful and pious (okay, not everyone would agree with that) — may really be in order. Of course, I say that on a day I really need to freeze half a bushel of green beans and I’d really like to transplant many of the plants in my container garden. And then Tot. And AL is on call. Okay, I will now go over to my own darn blog and post there because I guess I have more to say today than I thought.

    Love you! Hope you feel more relaxed and at peace soon! You’re starting a new job soon, girlfriend, and need to take care of you! Wish I could meet up with you at a coffeehouse!

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