I didn’t think I had that much to say this morning


I am happy to report that the move to Big Little Town went fairly smoothly.

With Dr. Crazy’s help, I finished the book chapter. And then, since I know the editor (like I’ve known him for almost 15 years now), I probably ill-advisedly emailed him to let him know my concerns about the chapter and then explained that I had had the most craptacular summer since getting the new job and that I knew part of my anxiety about it was not so much that I thought it was crap, but that since so much else has been shitty this summer, I am just assuming this is, too, and that I’m just not happy with it. It’s good probably, but it’s not great, and I’m worried about how much is going to need to be revised and if it can be done really. And I expressed that I felt like part of my anxiety is due to the fact that I’ve NEVER submitted anything for publication, ever. Seriously. Because it’s scary. I feel all exposed and naked now. And that I’m worried about disappointing him.

But, the take away here is that a) it’s done, and b) I met my first deadline ever! I never made a single deadline for my dissertation (except the final one where I had to turn everything in), but I was always getting drafts to my chair late, so at the very least, I made the deadline. Yay for small things. I know that I can make deadlines now.

Also, I have hardly anything to report about the move, thank god! We left kind of late Thursday night, and since the J was not only driving the moving truck, we also had his Escape in tow and I drove his step-father’s father’s 4Runner so that we could avoid renting a car for him so he could get back to Home City. We didn’t have to pay for the trailer because the Roommate has one, and it happens that the 4Runner had a receiver and a hitch, so whew for small things going right. Anyway, that just meant that the drive was slooooooooooooooow. We did have a couple of small adventures. I saw red lightening for the first time ever. Not heat lightening that has that amber color, but straight up red lightening bolts. And we got caught in two torrential downpours which was a bit scary at 11 pm and midnight on the interstate in the dark with trucks whizzing by. But they were short lived, so that was good at least. And I got pulled over. The truck has a burnt out tail light, and I was going five miles below the speed limit so the J wouldn’t get too far behind, and a cop gets right on my ass, and probably much to his surprise, I was in the driver seat. So I played dumb, and pretended to hyperventilate (OMG–it’s my father in law’s truck, and I’m trying to move to new state, and that’s my husband up there in the moving truck, and I didn’t know and (short quick breath, short quick breath). But still, my mom and I were like seriously? But I think it was probably the going extra slow that made him suspicious.

But that was it. We got to my g’parents at about 4:45 a.m. Got up at 6:45 am to get to Big Little Town to get to City Hall to get the utilities deposit turned in and the order for utilities set, went to the bank, went to Starbucks and waited for my dad, the J, and my cousins to arrive. By the time we got to the house, we had water and gas, and thankfully, since at 10 am it was already almost 100 degrees, the city came out by 10:45 and had the electricity turned on (they just said “sometime before 5), which apparently getting service that quick is an anomaly, but we needed that lucky break. It took us maybe 2 hours to unload the truck, so we were done right before noon on Friday. Our only other “incident” was the Red Rocket’s raging hard on–it was kind of sad, really, and a bit pathetically funny. There must be some kind of scent or something to the new place that gets his little body going because this is the first time ever that his little boy doggie parts have been just fully out there (which, truth be told, kind of freaked both the J and I out a little bit having never actually seen it like that), but the thing that had us worried was that the little dude froze, almost like he was having a seizure. He had a look of intense panic on his face. His back was arched like a cat, and he wouldn’t move. If he had had that look after the car accident, I’d had had him at the vet pronto. Eventually, once we got him to start walking, he walked it out. Fortunately it escaped the attention of my five year old cousin because I don’t think anyone wanted to have to explain what was going on right then to her. But it happened again last night! And it freaked him out so much that he pooped on himself. Poor dude. He just doesn’t know what to do.

Anyway, the house is charming. It’s bigger than I remember it being when we looked at it. And it turns out that it does have tons of closet space! Moderately deep and long closets. So wonderful!! And there’s a hall closet, too, and cabinets above each of the toilets in the bathrooms. I have a pantry now, too. And  I thought the kitchen was the same size as the one in the apartment, but no, I have a full size fridge, oven, and dishwasher here, and more than one person can fit in the kitchen. The utility closet has four cabinets, too, and our bedroom is so big that we had room for the entire bedroom suite AND there’s still room to walk around in! The J was right in that there *is*a little breakfast area, which I had previously questioned. There are ceiling fans in every room but the kitchen and bathrooms. And while I thought the floors were stone and tile, turns out it’s all concrete which is cool (no grout or sealing that can be porous and need redoing, although that wouldn’t be our problem anyway). It’s cut and painted to look like tile flooring, which I really like actually. (My mom has been trying to sell my dad on this for the past couple of days now). I like it, too, because when the dogs have an accident (Miss T sometimes misses the pee pad), I can use a cleaning wipe on it and won’t have worry about ruining the floor or the finish or anything! Yay again for small miracles!

The only “problem” with the flooring is that the dogs can’t get traction, so they slide when they try to jump on the couch or the bed, and I don’t want Miss T to break a hip or anything, so we’re going to get little doggie steps for her.

My mom is a beast, too! She stayed up and unpacked most of the kitchen on Friday while I was finishing up the book chapter. So she stayed up until like almost midnight (after only getting 1.5 hours of sleep and not taking a nap–I napped for an hour or so). the J and my dad took the truck back for me. Yesterday, all four of us worked to get some more stuff unpacked, and my aunt is coming in today for a couple of days to keep helping me unpack stuff. So I think by tomorrow, we should be working on the DVDs and the books and getting the office set up. And then next weekend I think I’ll go through the clothes and stuff. I’ve got what I’m going to need for the next month until classes start unpacked. Of course, now the next challenge, since Operation Extreme Summer Fitness did not go as planned and since in the last month since having flu I’ve seriously gained about 8 pounds, I can no longer fit into my work clothes. So, come tomorrow, I’ve got to go explore some running routes and get back to it because I can’t afford to go shopping for clothes. I’ve got my work cut out for me in the next month.

Oh, I got my schedule for the fall, too. It’s not bad. One comp class, MWF 9:30-10:45, so that’s not bad. While I haven’t taught on a Friday in years or a three day a week class in years for that matter, that’s not bad. Then TR I have the two survey classes, one from 8:00-9:50, and then 12:00-1:50, which, honestly, really isn’t that terrible either. And the 8:00 class doesn’t bother me so much here because I’m 1.5 miles from campus, so it’s not like I have to fight city work traffic and cross a bridge and leave at 7:00 or 7:15 to get to campus, so I don’t think it’s a bad schedule at all. I’m just happy about 1 writing class! Just one!! yay! And it doesn’t seem like that bad of a schedule that teaching five days a week is really going to be anymore stressful than the four days a week that I’ve taught for the last two years.

All right, this is way long already. I didn’t think I had much to say, but I guess I did. I think I’m going to enjoy the quiet I have right now and the solitude before everyone else gets up.


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  1. Yay for getting your book chapter done! I can’t believe, actually, that you managed to do it in the little time you had for it. Since you’re done with the super-writing mojo, do you think you could send it up north for a while? The collection just got picked up by a publisher, so now it’s even more real. Gah!

    Yay also for getting moved! May you now commence a month full of relaxation, getting organized, leisurely working on fall prep, and good runs! Chat sometime after you’ve had some R & R?

    So, what. Does this mean the J is going to be gone during the fall, or did he get another job. I’m confused.

    • The J is working in Home City indefinitely. Which sucks on the one hand, but he’s got a job that he can leave at any time once we recover from the move and are able to get our savings back in order and get caught up on the bills. With any luck, he’ll be living in Big Little Town by the first of the year (or sooner). He helped get me all moved in, and I’ll get to seem him like once a month or so at least until Thanksgiving when he can build up some leave and spend it down here rather than in Home City. A pain in the arse, but at least we are fortunate enough to have two incomes coming in solidly for a while.

      Congrats on the collection getting picked up by the publisher EE! That’s awesome. You can have all my writing mojo until I may need it for any revisions that I’ll most certainly have to do for the chapter. 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you got the chapter done, sister! And yay for meeting the deadline. Yes, submitting things like that *is* scary – and yes, there will likely be suggested revisions (I’ve NEVER had an experience where there were no revisions – for a journal or a collection) but that’s just part of the process. And once you go through it once, it’s less scary the next time, and less scary and less scary. So yay you! And I’m glad you’re all moved and that you can settle in. So take a minute and pat yourself on the back, lady! You deserve to bask a little!

  3. sometimes good things happen to good people, and sometimes, the blood, sweat and tears actually pay off. this was such a great posting to read for me. it helps me, because it shows that eventually, good will and a love for all the warts and all of life do pay off. keep shining.

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