A bunch of stupid annoying shit last week that was a P.I.T.A.


Thank you all for the well wishes regarding the auto accident. I don’t think the pictures do the accident justice, but here they are:

My poor Soul. The insurance adjuster said that it was over $15K in damages. And I think we got gap insurance when we bought the car, so hopefully we’ll come out even and not owe anything after it’s all said and done. But, she took quite a beating, and now she is no more. Good-bye fair Mulder*. Good-bye.

The week did not really go much better. Well, better in that there were no more wrecks, but there was so much stupid little shit that just kept happening that by the time storm hit and the tornado hit, really, all we could just fucking do was laugh. Let me ‘splain.

So the rental car that we have sucks. Seriously. I hate it. I hate it lots because it’s not my car, and it’s really not designed for people who are under 5’10”. So they give us a rental car with no windshield wipers. Yes, that’s correct. How does that happen? I didn’t think to check because why would a rental car company give a person a car that clearly poses a safety hazard in adverse weather conditions. Fortunately, we did not discover this until we were already in Fancy Town, and we didn’t have rain until Sunday. Monday I had to be across town at school to meet with two adjuncts after lunch, have my exit interview, and clean out my office. I go to the repair shop with plenty of time to spare (a repair shop recommended by the rental car company so they could be direct billed). No wipers for my particular car. They had to be ordered. Seriously? And going home at that point wasn’t an option because it was supposed to rain all afternoon, and I didn’t want to get stuck in a downpour without wipers. Worker man says half-hour. Mom and I have a nice lunch. Go back, no wipers. Then the J calls and asks me about the insurance adjuster and about making an appointment with them, and I freak out in the repair shop parking lot. Too much.

Okay, so the wiper thing was finally resolved, and I was only 15 minutes late for my meeting. But seriously, did I have to deal with that? Just seems unfair. It also seemed unfair that we kept running out of boxes and bubble wrap. Do I seriously have that much crap? But our saving grace was the super duper nice guy at the UPS store who just gave us discount after discount and saved our butts a lot of money.

Thursday was the going away party. It was a karaoke party at the bar/restaurant where we always do karaoke. This was confirmed by both the restaurant’s and the dj’s websites.We get to the place–NO KARAOKE! The one night that they decided to move it to another town so there could be live music at the restaurant! And I didn’t want to pack everyone up and drive 15 minutes or so away, so seriously. That sucked. When the J got in, he said, “wow, this just isn’t your week.”

Friday we are supposed to pick up the truck. I ordered the truck from the place I did because the website said it was 5.9 miles from my address (not my zip code). The map on the website confirmed this–that the place was just up the street. This is important because my mom doesn’t know the area, and she would have to follow me back in the rental car. I didn’t go with the second choice because I don’t really like the area where that truck pick up is, and according to the map placement, I knew where this area was and it was a bit nicer. I get in the car, type the thing into the GPS, and it’s 26 miles away, over the bridge, and it’s starting to rain. Mom is freaking out, understandably, because she’s worried that she’s going to get lost following me. I double check the website–5.9 miles. I hit, “get directions”–26 miles from origination point. Ridiculous. Fortunately the one friend I have who lives on that side of the bridge with me was home and able to take an hour and a half out of her day to drive us to the truck place.

The plan was to get the truck, then mom and I unload the storage unit so that the J and I could start with the stuff from the apartment after I picked him up. We go to the storage unit with the truck. First time ever in the year that we’ve had the storage unit that I’ve gone to the unit and all three freaking bays were taken up. NEVER , in all the times I’ve been to the storage unit has that happened. And all the bays were closed, so these people were not leaving soon. We decide to go home and start unloading the apartment then and do what we can before we pick up the J at the airport. I go get a lock for the truck and grab some lunch for us to come home and find out that the downstairs neighbor has parked in front of the stairs blocking our access to the truck. Seriously? We just decided to eat then, and by that time it was time to pick up the J, and when I left, her car was still blocking the truck.

Friday J and I managed to get all the books and dvds in the truck as well as the super fragile stuff secured. Then it started raining. Then the tornado hit the two towns on either side of us. During a break in the storm, we managed to make it out to our dinner date. Saturday morning, the electricity goes out. We both woke up and the J says, “of course it would.” I say, “why the hell not??” Fortunately that lasted all of 20 minutes. The storm knocked down a tree on a power line, and they were cleaning up the mess. We got everything packed up thanks to some very wonderful and kind friends who helped us with all the stuff and furniture we have. As we tried to leave the town though, the main road to the highway was blocked due to fallen limbs. So the 8 minute drive, or what would have been about 15 with a gas stop, to get to the highway from our apartment took nearly 45 minutes.And when we decided to stop for the night–all the times in my trip, I’ve never ever had a problem getting a room. Even on a Friday or Saturday night. Seven hotels later we find a room almost 2 hours from where we wanted to stop. It was the last room, and it one had one bed. There are three of us. Fortunately the air mattress was accessible and mom volunteered to sleep on the floor, which was pretty close to the truth because the air mattress lost air over the course of the night.

However, all that being said and done, we made it to Home City without further incident. We start the move to Big Little Town on Thursday afternoon. I have all the utility appointments set up. I should have cable and internet by Friday afternoon as well. We’re still trying to figure out how to get the J back to Home City for work on Monday, but I think we almost have a plan.

while nothing else traumatic happened after the wreck, mom and I were really hoping that we had built up some moving karma (I started to type carma, get it? hehehehe) and have a nice smooth week and get everything done, but no such luck. Just a bunch of stupid annoying shit that we could have done without to make life easier, but where would be the fun in that right?? So wish us luck with the rest of the move. I hope you all are doing well out there. I have to finish this chapter by noon on Thursday (yikes), so I might be out of touch again for a while.

I feel like this is really whiney. Sorry. I have no silver lining for any of this stuff except that maybe the universe was telling me that we needed to get out of Fancy Town, and was ensuring that I felt no guilt for leaving. I guess rather than having things go off without a hitch and sitting around “did I make the right decision? this place wasn’t that bad…” perhaps the universe is making sure I know that I made the right choice to leave. There’s my one positive take away…

*Her official name is Mulder the She-Hulk. She-Hulk because she’s green and cool, and unbeknownst to us then, but clearly she is (was) super-tough, too. Mulder because the color green is Alien green, and you know I love the X-Files, so there.


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  1. Oh man! This never ends! Was there a black cat with an unlucky horseshoe under your rental car seat or something?

    May the rest of your move be easy and breezy! Good luck!

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