Even the best laid plans…


Yeah, so after I posted yesterday about how everything was “coming together”–huge curveball. Well, it’s a pain in the ass curveball at the least; it all worked out , so I don’t want to overstate the case, but still, it’s costing me another $150 (which compared to $1400, whatever, but still), and it’s just making mine and the J’s life miserable and complicated.

First, for the record, let me state how awesome my husband is. He really is the best husband for me. No other person I’ve dated, or married for that matter, would be so calm even keeled during this whole process. No one else would have just made a last minute drive to Big Little Town with me and no one else would be rolling with the punches and still laughing about all of this like him. Look, I know in many ways he’s lucky to have me (despite how unbelievably stressful and complicated I must make his life), but I am lucky to have someone like him because I’d be a basket case right now.

Well, just when we thought all of this was going to work–that the J was going to get a week off work and all that. Nope. The unit’s commander is going to be in town the week that the J was going to take off work, and he wants the J there for that week. Crap.

This is what that means:

  • Instead of taking the weekend to pack the truck, my mom and I are now picking up the truck a day early and will start to pack as much of the truck ourselves that we can before we pick the J up at the airport.
  • J and I will move the two heavy pieces of furniture after we pick him up and before dinner.
  • Mom and I will have to unload the storage unit ourselves into the truck on Friday. (we three were going to do that on Sunday).
  • The truck now has to be packed up by 2 pm on Saturday so that the J can leave and be home by Sunday night so he can go to work on Monday morning.
  • Mom and I are leaving today after I pick her up at the airport so that we can get to Fancy Town by tomorrow night instead of Sunday so that we can have that extra day to pack up the apartment.
  • I lied to the dogs about never having to make the trip to Fancy Town ever again. 😦
  • I don’t get to see the J for another week, so by the time I see him it will have been almost two weeks since the last time I saw him.
  • We get to BLT a day later than I had planned because the J won’t be able to leave until Thursday afternoon.
I was going to drive the truck from Home City to BLT myself on Wednesday, but my father had a freaking duck, so I wasted a lot of energy on that. He was talking about going to my grandparents’ a week early, buying a one way ticket  to Home City from my grandparents’ so he could drive the truck because if I drive it, it’s going to end up in a ball of flames or something. I don’t know. At the time the J wasn’t going to be able to get down there until Friday. So I mean, again, it’s all worked out. It’s just complicated and involves a bit more stress, but still, so much energy was wasted again yesterday on this and not on my book chapter.
I was going to go down early on Thursday (two weeks from now) without the truck to get the key and whatnot, but if the J can leave at lunch, then I might just wait for him. I still have this damn book chapter that it seems forces are now conspiring against my ability to focus and get work done on it, and it’s due the Friday of the move, so I’m going to need that extra half day to work on it anyway. I did get some work done on it yesterday though. Not a lot, but I finished what needed to be finished in one of the books–the second part of the book I was reading dealt with South America and while I think if this were a larger project and one that was not an introductory type thing, it would be worth trying to synthesize that theory with the Melville stuff; however, I don’t have the time, and I don’t want to make the chapter more complicated than it needs to be. And I think the issues present in the text are more closely aligned with the European part of the text I was reading than what was going on in S. Am. So I started another text (finally!) that I think will be helpful, but it’s just dense. However, I believe what the author does builds upon the text I just finished. This is the problem with my topic. Sure, there’s Am poco stuff out there, good stuff, but I’m trying to place one of Melville’s text in a larger context, so I think it’s better to use some straight up old school poco rather than Am poco (not that that’s not valid or helpful; I just don’t think it’s right for this project because of how I want to situate the text). So that’s what I’m struggling with. And probably where I should have started months ago. In some ways I feel better about the non-existant chapter, in others I feel completely hopeless about it. Argh.
Fortunately, once this is done, I already have an idea for what I’d like to work on next, so at the very least, despite my fear that I’m going to embarrass myself with this chapter, I feel oddly confident enough to try to start something else after this is done. So if nothing else, I’ve got that going for me right?
And I got another class filled yesterday, too. Only one more to go.
All that is to say, since I’m trying hard not to be Negative Nancy and not bring myself down and engage in self-sabotage, here are the positives of the new situation:
  • The way the move is structured now, I have gained a whole day and a half in which to write the book chapter. The old move plan meant that I had to have it finished the Sunday of the move. And if there is the possibility of turning the keys in and doing the walk through on Sunday (or even Saturday afternoon?), then maybe we can leave Sunday and get home Monday night giving me Tuesday to work, too.
  • It means that the J starts work a week early and misses only 1.5 days of pay rather than five, so that’s a nicer paycheck on August 15th, almost a full one rather than half of one.
It is possible that this *could* work out okay. Sigh. I hope so. While I’m not anxious, by any means, to leave my friends in Fancy Town, I am anxious to be settled somewhere for more than two weeks, and I’m anxious to get to a point to where I don’t have to travel every two weeks either. And I’m anxious to get this book chapter monkey off my back. And be able to get back on to a consistent work out schedule and reading schedule and well, just have some consistency and some kind of “schedule.”
Now, to go load up the car, and then we’re off later. Blogging might be light the next couple of weeks, so behave while I’m gone. 🙂

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  1. *Hugs* I hope it all works out smoothly!

    Re: your chapter, don’t feel hopeless…when you’re done with this gigantic transition, everything will be less stressful, all around. And hooray on having a new project too.

    And I think the more that is said about Melville, the better for all of us. He’s just so important! I was just thinking about his short fiction yesterday and how incredible it all is…

  2. Where are your Fancy Friends in all of this?!?!?!?! The postdocs in Postdoc Town have repeatedly volunteered to help me move if I move closer, and they helped pack up and move the one postdoc who left the job.

    You should ask them to come by on one of those days and help load the truck, or even load the storage unit into the truck, which would be barely asking anything of them at all. And adding three-four more people to your helper list would make all of this much less stressful!

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