Another Thing to not be Stressed about


I had a little bit of a breakdown earlier today. I calculated how much $ we were going to need by the first and it was over $2000 more than what we will actually make. Needless to say, since making this discovery, it’s been hard to focus on work. But now I can!

We ditched the POD. I rented a truck instead. It’s saving us $1400 (ok, maybe closer to $900-1000 after one figures in gas, but still, that’s substantial, and we have a gas card, so we can work on that over time at least). The J has to miss a week of work, but he’s starting a new job at his unit (yay!!) and has orders through October, so yes! And it pays more than the relief job, so that’s good. So yay for the J. three solid months of good paying work.

I feel so much better now. You don’t even know. My paycheck will cover the truck. The rest of what we have will cover the first month’s rent at the new place. We’re still behind on a couple of major bills, but we’ll be caught up now by the middle of August, so I can stop sweating about that. I’ll have money for food. I’ve got to eat part of the price of a round trip ticket for the J now (a one way, had I thought of this solution earlier would have saved me $65, but oh well, people don’t think clearly when stressed).

Here’s the new plan, a plan which is less convenient than the POD, but one which we can afford*. The J flies in as planned. Now we have a truck. The J drives the truck to Home City while Mom and I follow in the car. We get home on a Tuesday night. We drop Mom at the airport Wednesday morning and then head to Big Little Town on Wednesday, spend the night in a hotel with the mutts, and then on Thursday we get the key, turn on the gas, and start unpacking. Turn the truck in on Saturday morning. Voila. We’ve save $1000 or more.

This is the first time I’ve not felt stressed about the move in a long long time. So yay! I’m so glad that that’s taken care of.


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