I have been dutifully working on school/admin and moving related stuff since about 7 am this morning. That’s right. For the last three hours I have been dealing with this stuff. I missed my run. I think it’s going to be too hot for that right now, already. It’s about 95 degrees. However, the good news is that I *finally* took care of a bunch of stuff that I had been avoiding out of embarrassment–uh, like the fact that despite the students knew from the beginning, the honor society stuff is *still* not done–but the rest is out of my hands now. The checks go to the dept secretary and she mails all that stuff off, which I did not know. Seriously embarrassing. I hate dealing with money and memberships and stuff like that. I really do. Now at least if my chair has a low opinion of me due to this, I don’t have to face him and his disappointment in the fall. Let me just say though that *finally* taking care of that has immediately reduced my stress and anxiety about it. Now the secret that I suck at being responsibility for membership type things is out, I don’t have to hide anymore and I can be free. So in all honesty right now, I’m okay with not being able to go for a run because the largest part of my immediate stress has been dealt with, so I feel a bit better. (I woke up with a horrid stomach ache this morning, too).

I think the main source of stress, aside from the book chapter at this particular moment, is finding a cheap last minute plane ticket to get the J to Fancy Town to help up move furniture and stuff (and so he can say goodbye to our/his friends), and finding the money to pay for said ticket. This is the suckiest part of moving–all the money involved in having to do so. It’s times like this when I do wish that we had a credit card.

So today, after I shower and walk the dogs, since I’ve gotten most of the immediate stress inducing issues out of the way, I feel like I can really focus on the work that needs to be on the book chapter, so that’s a good thing, right?




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  1. Did you cut up your credit cards? That’s kinda awesome! And definitely helps with the not sinking down into debt. I piled a bunch of stuff on mine when I moved, and then also when I wanted to decorate/get settled, and still haven’t dug myself out from that (hence summer teaching). I hate how moving f’s up your finances so!

    • We did. We paid them off when the J was in Afghanistan (really the only perk of him being there was his salary). We still have two that are closed that need to be paid, so they can’t be used. On the one hand I am glad that we can’t rely on them because it would be so easy to rack up a lot of debt with this move and be easier to be irresponsible because that’s what would happen with us. So what is happening is that we’re racking up a tab with my parents, will probably have to borrow whatever his parents can give us, and hope that the roommate gets a good paycheck this time, too, because he owes us rent, which would be so helpful to have right now, too.

      I do get a small amount of money from the new place to move. It works out to be a mere fraction (like 1/7) of what this is going to cost, but I guess I can write the rest off on my taxes next year.

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