To Do and Stuff


Uh, yesterday I was supposed to get all the cleaning and admin work for my job done so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it this week. Yeah, well, whatever. I’ll finish the cleaning Thursday evening. And I’ll send out some emails today for the admin stuff when I take a break from work.

I think what I may have to do is pack up and go to a coffee house so that I’m not tempted to do things around the house. The J was great yesterday (after my weekend of driving him around to other states and exhausting the poor man) and he cleaned both of the bathrooms. Look, here’s the deal with the bathrooms. I can clean a dirty bathroom. I can even clean a disgusting bathroom, if it’s mine and the J’s dirt. But I have a hard time cleaning up after the roommate for whatever reason. I cleaned, nay scoured the bathrooms in March. I think that was the last time they were cleaned. So the J scoured the bathrooms yesterday for me, and now until we move, I can keep up with them (as it will be mostly me–we did the same thing over Christmas. If the J gets rid of the dirt, I keep it off weekly). Anyway, that’s probably gross TMI you don’t want to hear. Sorry.

So I have four full days this week to rock and roll on that book chapter. I think I may stay home and work after all just because the roommate is not here. I’ll save going to a coho when he gets home because I know the one day I’ll want to stay home will inevitably be the day that the roommate gets home from work.

I was debating on going for a run, but as it’s been since Thursday since I’ve run, I think I will regret not going, even in this heat, so that needs to happen sooner rather than later. I need to finish the text I’m reading today, no exceptions, if I’m going to make some progress. I think I’ll set a writing goal for 15-30 minutes today, too, after the book is done. I need to send some admin emails, and I need to sign my new lease and send it back. Oh, and I need to call mom so she can give me dollars because we need to come up with moola cash in the next 15 days (more than what the two of us make and our savings are pretty much caput, though that’s partly my fault–I don’t know what happened a couple of weeks ago–I think it was the traveling, and I didn’t think rent prices in BLT were going to be so high. Argh).

Okay, so I’m going to do the lease, call mom, walk the dogs, run, take care of admin emails, and then get to work on the book chapter. That sounds like a plan.


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