Why Can’t Moving Be Easier??


Anyone have any experience renting off of Craig’s List? Turns out it’s as hard (or harder) to find a place in the new town that rents to people with dogs as it is in Fancy Town. Perhaps we have more options available with apartments, but I/we am/are looking for houses.

This is a source of new anxiety now and I think the reason why I woke up with a headache (although allergies are a part of this) and a horrible stomach ache. What I’d like to do is go for a run. But it’s already over 80 degrees and the humidity and dew point are really high. On a normal day, this wouldn’t bother me, but as I am terrified of getting sick again, I don’t want to push myself and end up out of commission for 3 days or longer again. Not with what I have to do.

So anyway, I’m going to call these people on Craig’s list because it’s the only place I’ve found near the school (a five minute drive–oh glory day!), in our price range, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms we’re looking for, and they allow dogs, and the rent is pretty low. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I may have to leave tomorrow morning to drive down there to get the place if need be and if I can convince the J to come with me (he only has like 48 in town) drive right back, or I spend the night and drive home Sunday and miss the J all together. Not ideal, but what about my moving situations ever are?? I wish more people were responsible pet owners so that it didn’t screw responsible pet owners like us who are trying to rent a house to live in.

One of my adjuncts found a new job because we didn’t hire him for the job he applied for at Fancy Town U. Another person I contacted who was supposedly super eager to be back teaching at Fancy Town U has not returned my email offering her the class. So I have three or four classes still to fill now. And then there’s that pesky little book chapter.

So yesterday after striking out on a few places (seriously, nothing is more exhausting or demoralizing than not being able to find a new place to live in a new town, and I’ve called the people that the chair and another woman gave me as contacts, so I’ve exhausted those possibilities), I just basically couldn’t handle the stress and checked out about 2:30. I got some lunch, some beer, drew the shades, flattened the futon, and I watched Burn Notice all afternoon and evening. I don’t know. I may be willing to get it sight unseen. Or I might ask the person who has been really really nice to me if she wouldn’t mind going by and taking a look at it. It’s only five minutes from where she is. Because I am dreading an 8 hour drive by myself for a one hour meeting or whatever and then an 8 hour drive back. And wouldn’t you know it? This is the one weekend that my grandparents are out of town, so I can’t stay with them. But if my new colleague can check out the area for me, and if she gives the ok, then I’m down with doing it sight unseen. She knows the area better than anyone else I’ve met (she grew up there, too), so that might be a good idea. OK, so I emailed her to ask her about the area and if she has time to take a peek at it. At this point though, if I can avoid the drive, then, well, all the better.

I do feel better though for asking her her opinion on the area.

My stomach hurts.

All right, well here’s the tentative plan for the day:

  • CAll about the house
  • take care of admin work for Fancy Town College
  • wash dishes
  • buy dog food
  • eat breakfast
  • work on book chapter
I should include shower, nap, make lunch, have breakfast in there, too, just so that I can mark some stuff off for a sense of accomplishment.
Wish me luck on this house thing.

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  1. So I have contacted ppl on craigslist about renting. Our rental market is driven by the college kids and the best way to find stuff in town is through craigslist and plain old yard signs. We saw a number of things from craigslist, most of which were smaller than we needed. But I think here there are many, many things that rent without ever being listed online. People just put a sign in the yard and that’s all it takes. That’s how we found the place we live. Might be worth a trip to drive around and call numbers? Got really old saying “how many beds? How much? Do you take a dog?” but was worth it for us.

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