Other things to clear out my head.


Here are the other things going on right now:

The J’s new job might be a contract job for six months. Financially, nice. And his official home address will be Home City which has a higher cost of living than New City, so that will help. And we should be able to get our savings built back up a little bit. However, it means that I only see him on the weekends for the next six months. 😦 It means that I do the move without him basically. Now, I’m sure I can enlist the help of my aunts and uncles who are a few hours away. I may be able to even pay for their hotel rooms for a couple of days, too. I will most likely move on a weekend, so the J should be able to help unload stuff. It just sorta sucks to do all this again by myself.

My mom is going to Fancy Town with me to help me finish packing though since the J won’t be able to come. I played upon her motherly instincts since we know the reason I got the flu is because I’ve been going non-stop basically since May and I’m exhausted. I also bribed her by paying for half of her plane ticket (we can’t afford the whole price). Plus my mom is this weird organized work machine who doesn’t stop until the task is done, so it’s entirely likely that the apartment could be packed up and done by Wednesday night of the week we’re back there. I think it’s because she’s in really great shape. If I were in great shape, I’d have that kind of energy, too. So I convinced her to fly to Home City so she could make the drive with me and make the drive back with me. It also means that she gets to partake in all of the going away stuff, so she can meet my friends. And I get to take her out for her first karaoke night. And I promised her a trip to the city as well. So yay for mom! And this may keep me from relapsing with the flu. Plus it will make sure that I actually get the apartment packed up in a timely manner and I don’t sit around and be all depressed and shit about having to do it alone and being sad about leaving and being unproductive because that just won’t do any good. Because if I’m unproductive, then that means I’m more stressed, then that means that I’m not active, then that means that I’m likely to get sick again. And I don’t want that. Seriously, that flu last week–most painful flu ever.

I’m making slow progress on the book chapter. Well, if you can count two-three hours of reading a day for the last two days and furious note taking and brainstorming. I need to be spending double that amount of time a day on it, but this has been the most productive two days of brainstorming and long-hand freewriting (which I guess just because it’s not on the computer doesn’t mean it doesn’t count as writing), so I’m starting to feel a bit better about the chapter. The thing that I’m struggling with is that I don’t know what to write about. But I think one of the things that has helped me is that I returned to a basic theoretical text, and I think now I might have a better direction for the chapter. The goal today is to get through the part of the book that’s relevant to my text today and start another “basic” text tomorrow. And I think tomorrow I need to start typing out some of the notes and brainstorming just to see where I am with this.

I ran yesterday for the first time since having the flu. It both felt good and awful at the same time. It was the slowest run I’ve had since one of my first runs after a hiatus a few years ago when I really ballooned. I even had to walk a couple of times during the run, and that hasn’t happened in a looooooooong time (not for a run under six miles that is). But, fortunately I wasn’t in pain, so that went a long way for my ability to deal with the slowness of the run psychologically. And sometimes slow is good because I probably burned more fat yesterday than I have on runs in a long time, too, so there is benefit in slowing down. And I’m not in training for anything right now anyway, so slowness at this point doesn’t matter. I just need to get my body moving right now and recover slowly. But, I did feel better yesterday for finally being able to get out and run. And since tomorrow is the beginning of another heat watch, then I need to make sure I get my run in and finished by 8 am. That’s okay. It’s better for me anyway. And that being said, I’m going to head out the door for what will probably be another slow run today, but along with my mantra of “consistency” for the rest of the summer, I’m adding “slow and steady wins the race,” which isn’t really true and should probably be “slow and steady finishes the race” and that’s more to the point right now, eh?


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  1. I’m making slow progress on the book chapter. Well, if you can count two-three hours of reading a day for the last two days and furious note taking and brainstorming.

    I totally count that as good progress! Keep flailing away at it and eventually something should come together.

    Have you found a place in the New City yet (aigh! too many cities! You have too many home bases. I’m confused. Or the new place needs a funner name.)

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