I’m Officially Official!!


Yeah, so I knew as soon as I said “light blogging,” blogging would resume almost as scheduled. Although with the moving and the packing in the next two weeks, that may be more true then. So really I guess while I’m in one place with the big desktop, I’ll probably do some blogging this week. And to be honest with you, even though I’ve had this desktop with the nice 19″ monitor for two years now, I have never really really appreciated its beauty until this summer for some reason. Maybe it’s because the computer is in a room separate from where I spend most of my time–it’s not always looming over me. And maybe because I have a big enough desk where I can spread my stuff out. But I think having a makeshift office that’s away from the rest of the house really matters, which is why when I move, we will have three bedrooms or more.

So I have some officially great news–my paperwork for New U is done! I’m official!! I’m officially on faculty at New U! I don’t know what or when I’m teaching yet, but hey, knowing that the contract is complete, the paperwork is all in, and that I’m locked in safe from hiring freezes or state budget cuts is really just enough right now. I slept so soundly last night. You know what one of the best things about this is (and please, my peeps out there who are going back on the market, or who will be on the market again, don’t take offense or hate me for saying so, but…) I’m so glad that I don’t have to go on the market in the fall! I mean, had this not panned out, I would have done a full scale (though selective–that is, I was not going to look at jobs in the area of the country from where we are about to move) job search this fall, and to be honest, I was not looking forward to that at all. In part it’s vanity. See, my body is holding onto a lot of stress weight right now (most of it job related), and I seriously didn’t want to repack on job search weight. And go through another year of putting off having a family, which has me really depressed but that’s another post. I mean, in a couple of years, I’m not going to be a spring chicken any more. But I digress…

I’m official!! I’m officially new faculty at New U! I’m official!! I have what on paper at least right now looks like my dream job!! I know there’s going to be bullshit to deal with just like any other job, and it’s not going to be roses and unicorns and rainbows all the time, and I’m sure in about 16 weeks I’ll be complaining about something, or I’ll end up with some weird anomalous class schedule that has me teaching three comp classes this fall because that’s what needs to be filled and I’ll be jaded and cranks by October 1, but I hope not. But even if it is, here’s the deal. When it’s vacation time/break time, I don’t have to fly anywhere to get away. I can drive a few hours to my cousins’ place, spend the weekend in the “big city” drinking and karaoking and eating all my favorite foods or whatever if I need to escape. And we’ll be in a house rather than a tiny apartment (granted, still renting, but still).

Two years ago when I started my current job, I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be. And two years ago, I think I was. Now, I feel the same way. I am going to where I should be. So see, don’t discount those off season jobs people! But I feel like I’m going to be in a place where I can be the kind of professor and scholar and colleague I want. I honestly never thought it was possible.

Okay, enough about that. I have more to say, but I’ll put it in a separate post.


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