On the upswing


This morning is the first morning since I’ve been in Home City that I didn’t wake up just feeling like I wanted to cry. I think this may mean that Operation Extreme Summer Health and Fitness is starting to work already? In any case, that’s what I will at least tell myself to make sure I stay motivated. I’m moving slowly this morning though. My triceps and my back are sore from yesterday’s work out, and today is 90 minutes of yoga–45 minutes of “power yoga” and then like 45 minutes of soothing and stretching yoga. I had promised myself yesterday that if I ran for over 40 minutes that I’d take the run off today; however, it looks like I might not be able to run Monday or Tuesday (Sunday is going to require my getting up at like 5 am to get it in), and I’ll have to add Monday’s workout to Sunday, and perhaps if I get up at 5 on Tuesday I can get Tuesday’s in. I’ve got to plan ahead. I’m doing so well already this week in keeping up with the P90X (I’ve lost like 4 pounds already since last week, and I’m feeling so much better), that while I have to be practical here about Monday and Tuesday’s workouts (perhaps I’ll be able to explain later why), I don’t want to get too far off of my schedule here.

I, once again, have some potentially good news, but it’s still premature, and I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but here’s hoping to some great news.

I have an obnoxiously busy weekend now this weekend. It’s a good busy. It will force me to be productive, to re-evaluate some things, and to really put my “lifestyle” changes to the test with what must be accomplished. While it’s only been a few days, I can say that already I am sleeping better. I was tired a little bit during the day yesterday, but already I seem to be able to focus better when I am working. And while my deadline for the book chapter is the beginning of August, I really need to rock-n-roll on it because it looks like (so I can get back to Fancy Town for a week and not have to worry about it–I don’t want to lug stuff for a chapter back and forth with me–I’d rather it be done) I’m going to need to have it finished in six weeks. That is going to take some commitment. So Operation Extreme Article Completion will commence on Wednesday where the focus for the next six weeks will be nothing but getting this thing done. I’m going to have to adjust my “reward” system for my work days to allow for longer work days, and I guess to spread my reward a little thinner (I watch one disc of Burn Notice as my reward–I think I’ll have to cut it down to two episodes a night so that I can get another two hours of work in). Or you know, I could actually perhaps just work out when I get up instead of goofing off for two hours and use those two hours to work. Hmmmm, there’s an idea. 🙂

Oh my poor body is dreading sun salutations right now. Yes, I am actually fearing yoga. How weak is that?? And the ab workout at the end is just monstrous. Oy. It must be done. I’ll feel better afterward. And the Roommate is gone all day, too, so what’s my problem then?

All right. Here I go. I’m going to go do the yoga. I know I’ll feel better. It’ll be grand. Then I’ll get to all my worky-work that I need to do because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!


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