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I ran my race yesterday. It was hot as balls. Let me tell you. 78 degrees and 71% humidity before the race even started–I was sweating profusely by 6:30 in the morning just standing at the start. When I woke up yesterday morning, I rinsed my contacts off with the cleaning solution instead of the saline solution which was a horribly bad idea. My eye still hurts. That was a bad move. I’ve never done that before either. When I got to mile three, I was really thankful that I wasn’t running the half marathon and opted only for the 10K. I got a cool medal and some flip flops. And I think I’m going to sign us both up for a 10K nearby that’s in two weeks. I’ve got to get one more in before the Peachtree on the fourth of July.

Needless to say, the race took everything out of me yesterday. So when I went to return some stuff at the store, I walked out with seasons one and two of this show.  And it looks like since Seasons three and four are on sale at amazon (season three is cheaper at Target until tomorrow by like $10, so guess where I’m headed today!), I may purchasing those this week as well. Some of you may remember that I watched the show religiously its first season. Then I missed a few episodes for the second season and then we didn’t have cable, so I just never caught back up. I’m glad it’s still on the air, and by the end of the week, I’ll have all four seasons, so I’ll be ready for season five this summer, even though we don’t have cable here in Home City. Plus, I really miss the J a lot, and Michael (the main character) resembles the J. They are built almost exactly alike. They have the same jaw-line, same shaped head, same hair even. I’m not kidding. The J doesn’t look like Michael in the face, but if you know the J, it’s definitely clear why I’m attracted to someone who looks like the main character in the show. And I have always been a fan of this guy, too, so I can’t help myself. Plus, it’s just such a fun show! At least season one is. And how can you not love the girlfriend?? And yeah, I’ll say it. I wish I had her body, but with about 10-15 more pounds on it. anyway, that’s what I did yesterday to recoup. And after I work today, that’s what I’ll do tonight. And you know what? I had no idea that the tv show was based on a series of books. Guess I’ll be reading those, even if they’re no good.

I had met some people who live in my neighborhood here in Home City over Christmas–two really nice guys who are the only other people on the block anywhere close to our age, and I ran into them again yesterday. They remembered me and where we live for part of the year and invited us to a series of summer BBQs at their place. The mutts were even nice to them. I can’t say very friendly toward them, but they didn’t try to bite either one of them and for the Divine Miss T, that’s a big deal. She’s doing well, btw. The shot cleared up her infection within 24 hours and the antibiotics are really helping, too so she’s right as rain. Anyway, that would be nice to hang out with some neighbors. And they do seem really sweet and were oddly, but genuinely (it seemed) glad that we were back for the summer. I think it’s because they probably feel the same way–we’re around the same age as them (okay, I think they are probably a good 7-10 years younger than we are, but we’re still under 40, no kids, and the cops have never shown up at our house; therefore, we have lots in common already), and we’re clearly dog lovers, so there. And we speak English. And that’s not a dig or anything either regarding the people in our neighborhood. We live in a very immigrant rich neighborhood. there’s an ESL center down the street, so please don’t interpret that sentence as some kind of hidden racist dig, especially paired with the “cops have never shown up at our house comment.” We’ve had problems with our American neighbors (black and white) with domestic violence and drugs, and for the record, the only problems we’ve had have been with Americans not immigrants in neighborhood. So I don’t want to perpetuate any kind of stereotype that because our neighborhood is immigrant rich and the cops come around that it’s the non-Americans and people of color who are causing the trouble. The biggest problems we’ve had thus far have been with the white people (except the young guys I mentioned before).  It’s simply a fact for our neighborhood that on our block, probably only six of us actually can communicate in English. Obviously it makes it hard to get to know one’s neighbors when there are at least three different languages being spoken on one block. It’s interesting though because my students in Fancy Town think that they are so multi-cultural (whatever that really means, but for the sake of argument) and they lead these diverse lives and are “tolerant” (for the record, I *hate* tolerance; I believe in acceptance) of other ethnicities and cultures because they live in Fancy Town, but our neighborhood in Home City is so much more ethnically and culturally diverse than anything I see where we are in Fancy Town. We actually have an Ethiopian restaurant down the road from our house–I wouldn’t know where to begin to find Ethiopian food in Fancy Town. We have a French restaurant owned and run by an actual French chef, as in a French guy (not an American who trained in France or is a master of French cooking, which is fine, but you get my point). And a Vietnamese restaurant, too. Not a hybrid Asian place that does southeast Asian food, but  actual specialized Vietnamese cooking. All of this is within walking distance of our house. And of course, obviously, ethnic restaurants are not a sign of cultural diversity in and of themselves, but as these are neighborhood run, local restaurants and stores owned and operated by people in the community (although I suspect the French guy lives in a fancy place) which are not going out of business or suffering (at least they don’t show signs of it with the economy), I think it shows that there is some solid community ground for the neighborhood. so please don’t misinterpret this either as “look, we’re so diverse because of all the different ethnic foods that we can get near our house.” It’s just the best example I can give to show the established “diverse” roots we have going on around here. You understand what I’m saying, right?

Anyway, I don’t know where that came from. That was a digression. And while there really are much nicer places to live in the city, I actually really like where we are located. And it would take a lot of money to make this house what we’d like it to be, if we stayed here or ended up here, but you know what, what we’d sink into this place to make it the place we want would still cost us less (probably 1/2 to 2/3) than what it would cost to buy a house in Fancy Town, and even with the home improvement loan, additions, and a mortgage, this place would still cost 1/3-2/3 less than anything we could afford in Fancy Town that was comparable. If we end up back here, I have plans for this place. (don’t worry Super Awesome Fabulous Colleague, there are no plans in the works for us to leave Fancy Town for Home City; I’m just daydreaming).

Now that I’m back to reality, I’m going to take out the mutts and read for a bit. Then it’s time for some yoga today (a good recovery from yesterday’s hellacious run), and then it’s back to the store for season three and I’ve got to look for some outdoor seat cushions for our outdoor chairs. I don’t know why the ones we had a) were not tied down on the chairs; b) how they ended up scattered across the backyard; and, c) why no one bothered to ever pick them up. They are now ruined, and all washing and bleaching them did was dirty up my washing machine, so yeah. These will be kept indoors when not in use this time. Okay, this has rambled long enough. I hope you all are having fabulous weekends!


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