Now I feel like I’m done and like summer vacation can start. I have done what I haven’t done in seriously over a decade, not since about my first or second ever conference paper–I am done, proofread and everything! a full day before my panel, and before I’ve even left! A few years ago I was cutting and pasting and editing at the airport on my way to the conference, but this time I’m done well in advance! Yay me!! It feels so great to have all of that done! I need to read it through once or twice out loud, but other than that, I’m done!

I also got a positive review for my writing program work, so that stress is gone now, too. Now if the other thing that is really stressing me out would just resolve itself in a positive manner, then I’d really be home free for the summer, and while I fear it may be a lost cause, I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic about it.

So I guess I’m going to pack and then go for a run, do the errands I didn’t do yesterday, drop off the mutts and then head to the airport.


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