Can the semester be over please, already?


The husband is out of town this weekend for drill. I have/had so much to do this weekend, still, yet. I blew Friday off. At the time it seemed like a good idea, great even, despite the amount of work that I had to do. However, I was exhausted. Run down. My neck was killing me. It actually still really hurts. I hadn’t really gotten any sleep the previous two nights, so I laid lazily on the couch all day. I’m sure it’s that I’m super stressed. And since I left some stuff at school that I think I need, I either drive to campus today for a quick pick up of what might be plagiarized essays, or I get in early tomorrow to deal with it. I’d prefer not to have to deal with it early and be able to work out in the morning. See, not only do I have plagiarism to deal with, but the grades for this last essay are abysmal. Now, the ones who actually did work between the rough draft and this draft, the ones who actually worked on their essays during the class time I gave them did good work. The vast majority of them did nothing between the two drafts. That is they did nothing during the nearly 3 hours of in class time that I gave them to both work on the papers and to talk to me about the papers, so while they still have the option to revise this essay by Wednesday (I’m sure most of them won’t), I will probably be flooded with tons of “I don’t know why I made a C/D/F on my paper” to which I suspect I will be repeating over and over, “well, did you look at the comments on the rough draft? Did you change anything from the rough draft? No? that’s why you made C/D/F.” The disheartening thing about this is that I did have some great students this semester and they are now completely overshadowed by the jackasses I have to deal with right now.

Fortunately, I’ve caught most of this before the last week of classes, so I can travel without having to deal with all of this. And they’ll all know their basic final grade for the class before their final exam, so hopefully this will minimize grade complaints.

And these plagiarism cases weren’t cases of students getting in over their head, freaking out at the last minute, not understanding the assignment or the assignment being too complicated (all my freshman assignments come right from the teaching guide designed for the freshman). Given that they turned in drafts of this essay prior to the final drafts for my comments and did a peer review, and given the ample time they had to discuss the papers with me and work on them in class, it’s just pure disheartening laziness. I know some people really enjoy teaching freshman. I am not one of those people. They exhaust me. I do not feel energized or inspired or even have any desire to teach when I teach the freshman at my current institution. The ones I encounter are not inquisitive and fresh. I find my sophomore and my majors to really be like this. I cannot and apparently do not, inspire freshman.

Argh. I have so much stuff that needs to get done by tomorrow. 3 more papers from this batch, my lit class’ essays (though I should be able to work on them tomorrow and still get them done), and a couple of other things due tomorrow. Plus, I have to go to the grocery and do laundry.

I think though, since I’ve been working since about 7 am already this morning, I’m going to go take a nap right now. My head hurts.


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