In which this has turned out to be more about working out than anything else.


I am proud to report that I had a relatively productive weekend! I finally finished one of the primary novels for the conference paper/faculty retreat thing. I started the other one. I wanted to finish it, and probably could have come close, but I worked out long yesterday (2 hours worth just about–weights and a long 70 minute run). Then the grocery and we were famished after the run, so once I made dinner, we just vegged for the rest of the afternoon/evening. But still, I read for about 4-5 hours on Saturday (a little on Friday) and about 2 hours yesterday before the working out. And it felt good to do all that working out, too. By the time we were halfway done with the run, I was smoked though. The pace was less than ideal, but it was HOT, too, relative to what we’ve had up until now. I was feeling so self righteous yesterday for having accomplished stuff this weekend. I felt so great on Saturday having finished one of the texts. The second one is shorter, but it’s a much better fit for the paper than the other one I was struggling through. Like 1/3 the length. Yay for small miracles. And this morning I got to get up 1/2 and hour later, which damn, there is a ton of difference between getting up at 5:30am and 6:00 am. Never will I teach again where I have to be on campus at 8:15. Of course, I say that now, and never say never; however, my morning was significantly less stressful. Plus, I got to work out this morning because I didn’t have to be here until right before 10am. And while I’m a little tired from the workout, I tell you what, I feel so much better. I have a long day today, and I think being able to workout before getting has made a big difference. Am I intimidated at this moment by all the essays coming in today? Not yet. Now, I am freaking out a little bit because the honors thing is tonight, students still haven’t turned in their money, and I’m hoping that my chair has enough extra honor cords for the ones graduating because I don’t think I’m getting the couple I need in time for graduation. Have I probably screwed the pooch on this one? Yes. Am I sweatin’ this? Yup. Am I slightly unorganized and a little stressed? (Man, I hope I didn’t eff up the honor society stuff for tonight). Yup. But hey, I made a great dinner last night, slept like a baby from the workouts, woke up this morning pleasantly stiff from the workouts (weird, I know, but hey), and did some stuff this morning.

My sister convinced me to sign up for this with her. I got the husband involved. My mom wants to do it, too. However, I seem to be the only keeping up with it. Oh, and my trainer is doing it as well. I had to redo week 3. But yesterday, I did a grand total of 150 pushups. Not all at once, mind you, but $hit, that’s a lot of push ups. See why I was feeling all self righteous and stuff yesterday?

I’ve decided, at least for now, unless it ceases to work for me, that I’m going to go back to focusing on fitness rather than the actual weight loss because I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns here. And I think the reason that I go through this every few months is that I hit a plateau and I’ve got to amp up the exercise. And it must be spring because spring is when I do the P90X. I still haven’t made it all the way through, but I’m going to give it another go, especially as I won’t have gym access most of the summer since we’ll be in Home City (the roommate has an entire weight set up to about 30 lbs, which is more than I’ll need). So we’ll see.

I feel like this has sorta been a pointless post, but it feels good to not feel completely overwhelmed. Tomorrow might be a different story, hell, later this afternoon might even be a different story, but at least at this moment I’m not in a total panic which feels good I’ll say. But I am sweatin’ tonight though.


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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! Mine was hardly productive, but sometimes you need that, regardless of whether it works with your schedule, eh?

  2. Oh I agree. I had many days last week in which I did nothing that I should have done in the evenings and just blew off work for the sake of relaxing and drinking beer, which perhaps led to less anxiety and an ability to focus this weekend, so yes, unproductivity can be just as beneficial as productivity!

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