A Saturday with Cool Stuff to Read!


Okay, I have a very small to do list for the weekend. Grocery/farmer’s market, finish the two primary texts for the paper (one is almost finished and the other is short as well), workout today and tomorrow. I’ll add clean out fridge in there as well if I’m going to go buy more food stuffs. Ok, and cook the food stuffs, some of them, this weekend. And I’m sure there are one or two other things.

On Monday I get three sets of essays. On Wednesday, I get three sets more. Yikes. I’ll be a grading fool this week so that I can give everything back by the following Monday because I have stuff to do. Provided I don’t run into plagiarists, we’ll be golden. And here’s what I’ve decided if I do–that person goes back in the pile until I’ve finished grading everything else and then I’ll compile the evidence and be done with it. Of course that’s all great in theory. We’ll see how I hold up to it in practice.

I’m finally at that point where I’m glad it’s the end of the semester. I might change that tune on Monday when all those drafts start coming in; however, at least right now, I’m all about there only being two more weeks left and that next week is my last week of being on campus every day and for 10 hour days. That certainly puts a spring in one’s step.

Now I’ve got to try to coax the dogs outside in the rain so I can take them out and be done with it and  so I can have my coffee and settle in and get to work.

Happy Saturday! And Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!


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