One Hump Day Closer…


Well, I survived last week! Yay for academic survival! Did I get everything done? Not really. I still have to finish the primary text that I need for my conference paper and for the faculty retreat paper. Actually, there are TWO primary texts, so I’ve got that and to do some basic quick and dirty research for the faculty retreat. I think I’ve found a way to make my life easier though and I think for the faculty retreat I can incorporate about 1/2 to 2/3 of the conference paper from last year to set up the argument for the faculty retreat presentation because I won’t have enough material with just what I want to do for this year’s conference. Yeah, didn’t I say in December that I didn’t want this to happen, everything always coming down to the last minute? Well, I guess I just overestimated the awesomeness of my schedule of only teaching two days a week and being on campus for 10 hours at a stretch. So hmmmm.

The rest of the week is devoted to class prep and student work and stuff. Fortunately we have people coming over Friday, so that means that everything will get cleaned Friday morning, and since we have been little social entertaining butterflies the last two weeks, all that it required of the cleaning on Fridays is laundry and maintenance cleaning–quick vacuum, quick bathroom and kitchen cleaning which involves vacuuming and mopping; however, since I did a massive clean two weeks ago, it takes no time at all to maintain. Two weeks ago, it took about a total of 18 hours worth of cleaning to get our dorm room sized place presentable. Last week, including laundry, about 3-5 hours total. This week I anticipate, including laundry, hopefully no more than 3-4. That’s not bad at all. It’s so nice to come home from a long day at school to a clean apartment, with a place to eat and do work. I’m typing at the desktop for the first time in about six months!

Anyway, I feel like in between work obligations that have me on campus four days this week (blerg), I can get next week’s readings done. 2 classes are spending the week doing nothing but writing in class. It’s my *gift* to them for making two major essays due in the same week. Then they are turning their essays in the following week, and I think in one class we’re going to watch the X-Files or something. I haven’t figured out what we’re going to do that week with the froshes, but probably more writing or conference opportunity and/or a movie. So the only thing I’ve got to read for is the majors. So this weekend, I’ve got to knock out both the research novels. It’s imperative or I’ll lose my cool that I’ve been able to maintain thus far.

Last week we ran outside for the first time here in months. It was glorious. The first couple of miles were really rough, but by the end of the weekend, I was feeling great for having done so. Yay for almost spring!

I suppose it’s time to start my day now and get ready for this Wednesday. Have a great one y’all!


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  1. I also found that those long insane days don’t work for me. Though it seems like I should then have the other days free, instead I need to recuperate on those days PLUS get all my prep and everything done. (Of course my load is not your load, but still.) So starting very soon, I’m spreading out my teaching more so that each day is more similar. I’m doing this partially because I need days to be more similar, partially for Tot so that his days are pretty structured instead of totally wackadoo dependent on what day of the week it is (which he doesn’t know about anyway). It means I teach most days, but hopefully this will mean a more balanced life overall. đŸ˜‰

    Haven’t I said that before? Well, it’s a good goal anyway. I’ll probably hate teaching 4 days a week again. But if it’s better for Tot, well, then I should probably do it anyway.

  2. Seriously? I remember the good old days of my 5-day-a-week teaching schedule *fondly* – done with teaching every day by noon? That was absolutely my most productive time on the t-t. That said, it only worked because I was protected from service and so used afternoons not only for class prep but also for research. Now, with my hideous service load, I’d be working 14-hour days every day if I didn’t insist on having only a 3-day-a-week teaching schedule. But so anyway, I do think NOT having 10-hour-days is much better.

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