Yay for Hump Day!


Thanks to workus interruptus in the form of a meeting, I only accomplished one thing yesterday. Gah. Fortunately, I can get to the drafts due back today during my morning office hours and work on the other drafts later because all the stuff I am teaching today I have either taught already this semester in another class or am super familiar with it that I could teach two of the stories in my sleep if I had to.  I won’t, but I could. So I’m feeling surprisingly even this morning. I think it’s because I a) actually finished the novel I am teaching tonight and b) slept straight through the night for about 7.5 hours, which makes a huge difference.

I do have a shit ton of stuff to do today, but at this moment, it seems manageable. I think it’s in part to not even thinking about considering trying to get to the gym this morning or do a workout at home before school. And sleep. I do have to meet with two advisees today (one of whom I just do.not.like. I know that’s terrible, but I really wish that stu would choose a major and leave me as hir advisor). The other one is like this total stoner hippy who’s a nice kid, but ze is just out there. But hopefully neither of those will take too long.

So I think I have a fair amount to do today, but again, it seems manageable, knock on wood.

And after today, I have four weeks left. Just four weeks. Next week will be a week from hell. Then I get a break. Then the following week will be a week from hell. then it’s finals week and then we get to go to the parents’ neck of the woods for my sister’s graduation. Then the faculty retreat. Oh how I wish I weren’t presenting now. But I guess it’s better to freak out now and get it done than to hole myself up in my hotel room during the conference. Although, my presentation is the second one of the conference, but that’s cool.

I think for some accountablogging, since I’m obsessed with my multiple to do lists, I’m posting the to do:

  • 3 drafts due back tonight
  • grade revision draft
  • comment on a handful of freshman drafts Yay! I got through over half of them!
  • meet with student a who showed up 15 minutes late for hir advisement appointment and completely unprepared at that and got huffy because I didn’t offer to go through the course schedule for hir and actually write up hir schedule. I told stu what courses ze still needed for the core requirements, but that ze needs to come back with an actual schedule before ze can have the access code to register. Stu was not pleased.
  • meet with student b
  • adjunct schedules
  • apps for job search meeting tomorrow–I’m starting to look through them. Okay, a day later than I hoped, but done.

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