Working through the frustrations


Well, I have to say, I feel better being back here already. It’s sorta like coming home but getting to start over once you get there. Plus, I really missed feeling like I was in a conversation with the blogosphere rather than just being out there in livejournal’s own private little universe.

So I’ve got various to do lists running and various organizational tools up and running in an attempt to try to stay on track and on top of things here. Last night was especially embarrassing because I did something in class that I never done–let me preface–I’ve been unprepared before. I have had many days when I’ve had to wing it; however, I’ve never taught a book that I’ve both not read AND got the reading assignment wrong for the class! I was 60 pages behind the class!And since I’ve never read the novel (all last week I was so far ahead!), I couldn’t even b.s. what I didn’t know. It was painful. And I just fessed up, too. It would have been obvious as hell.

I didn’t get much sleep again last night either. But I did have a crazy dream that involved Paul Walker pining for me, saving a bunch of people from terrorists (and killing the terrorist with his own bomb), and trying to steal cake from the President’s daughter at a luncheon in the hotel where the bomb was to explode (but it wasn’t Obama). Of course, I woke up elated thinking that I had 1) saved a whole lot of people’s lives and 2) thinking I had several text messages from Paul Walker on my phone. Obviously, now that I have a grasp on reality, the morning is a total let down. How do you go up from there??

In an attempt not to feel overwhelmed and to get my shit together, I have made to do lists organized by class, research, and administrative duties and by priority. I’m still working on the lists. I have them set up in iCal and tooledo and in my filofax. I need electronic reminders as well as the paper lists to cross things off. today I’m going to work on getting the dry erase board set up for this week. Growl. Today I also have a meeting.

I’m still working on a system that I think is going to work for me. I’m going to “pilot” it this week. Here’s what I have come up with based on some observations I made last week about myself/what I like/need and yesterday. And one thing that I have found crucial, and what I didn’t do yesterday (until I finally got to blog) that I have been doing before anything is journaling. Like the blogging, it sets my head right. Had I journaled before going to school, I could have gotten all my crap out of my head and gotten organized and dealt with some frustration.

M & Ws will be “off” days for working out. I should focus during my a.m. office hour on getting admin stuff done since it’s the time of day when I’m most clear headed.

Tuesdays will be the days to focus on getting work done for classes–finishing grading, prep, etc. I cannot think about research on Tuesdays. And working out comes before any school work gets done. And my goal is to get there earlyish–like I need to be done with all the working out preferably before 9 am.

Thursdays–here I have a decision to make. I either try to get some stuff done before bootcamp (which is at 9:30) or I just go to the gym earlier and work out on my own. The problem with bootcamp is that I don’t get home until about 11 am. The other problem is that I don’t get anything done in the morning between the time bootcamp starts and the time I get up. I think this week, I get to gym early-ish for my own workout and be done before bootcamp starts. Thursdays are days to focus on research related stuff.

Fridays–same plan as Thursdays.

Saturdays–work out and days to read for novel class, and relax and go to the farmer’s market and hang out.

Sundays–work out and catch up kind of day–finish reading for novel class. Shoot for another 2 hours of research related reading.

This will work for this week. Next week I have meetings and adjunct observations and such, so next week I will have to have a new plan of attack for the  week’s schedule. And maybe that’s what I need to do? Do a week by week thing–have a basic “plan” but fine tune it weekly? At least until the end of the semester so that I can keep my head above water. And if I just plan to spend Tuesdays on class related work, then it’s like a 3 day a week schedule freeing up the other two days. So we’ll give this a shot this week.

And here’s the day’s to do:

  • comment on 3 upper division drafts because they need them back tomorrow. uh guess this gets done during office hours.
  • finish novel for above class and have good notes to make up for last night–still working on this! stupid meeting throwing my day off!
  • comment on at least 4-6 freshman drafts–office hours
  • finish up adjunct schedule–office hours
  • oh, and meet with trainer (that’s the fun “to do”!)

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  1. “Obviously, now that I have a grasp on reality, the morning is a total let down. How do you go up from there??” LMAO! I am always so bummed when my dreams are better than the cold hard light of day, too. 😉

    Good luck with your new plan…sounds like you’re doing some GREAT sorting out of everything.

  2. Oh I know that feeling of being bummed out about the fact that my dreams are better than the cold hard light of day! It’s always such a bummer.

    Wow about the sorting out of everything. Impressive!

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