I just have to do a quick post here. I feel overwhelmed at this moment. yeah, I know the best way NOT to feel overwhelmed is to get stuff done, and I will, and I have done a fair amount already this morning, but I think one of the things that has me feeling out of sorts again this morning is the clutter in my office. I have piles of stuff going on in an attempt to organize, but it’s not helping one bit. I have late book orders; I have a search committee thingy to organize; i have to read for my 2:30 class still (nothing major–a story I’ve read and taught countless times), 2 papers to grade, and paper topics. And I’ve got to figure out some stuff to talk about in the lit class tonight. My head hurts. I have a constant pain of stress in the back of my head M-Thursday. Part of the problem with the book order is that I have too many ideas for what I want to do for one class. The problem with the other class is that I have no idea. But I may have some idea. I think.

Yikes. When will it be six o’clock–because I want to be on my couch with a beer–crap, and it will be longer than that because I meet with a student after the 5:30 class tonight. Argh, and honor society stuff… I need mini fridge in here stocked with beer.

All right, I’m going to knock some stuff out now. I just needed to vent for a minute or two, try to clear out my head.

Oh, we survived the half marathon on Saturday. Not a great time, but not our worst. I had some serious IT band issues about two miles in, so the race was pretty painful, so we did lots of walking up the hills. But, considering the course and the walking, we did okay. Next we have a 10K in July (we got our notifications on the race lottery this morning! Yay!!) and another half in August. Woo-hoo! With any luck I can get another 8-10 pounds off by the time we start training for the 10K. I want to "race" it. I mean, I have a competitive goal for it, so we’ll see. And I know my mom’s going to be training hard for it, too, so there’s some competition there.


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