I have a totally unbloggable issue about which I wish I could blog because this is out of control! And which I guess since the husband is a student now at my college, I can’t even give him an earful about it either. It’s nothing bad, but it’s super annoying, and I don’t like bending over backwards for bully behavior. And on a weekend, too. I have other things I’d like to get done than deal with this. Although I have to say that I’m glad it’s not my student. But I’ve got to limit the obsessive checking of the email every 30 seconds to see if there’s a new development otherwise I’m going to drive myself crazy anxious this weekend, and I really don’t need that at all.

So I feel like I have neglected my poor little blog here lately. I miss her. I miss you guys my bloggy friends if you’re still hanging around out there.

I’ve just been writing a lot in my journal in the mornings before I get on with my day when I have time. I guess I have more things on the personal side that I’d rather just work out for myself than blog about. Nothing even remotely academic related.

One of my classes is totally rockin right now. Non majors in a sophomore class no less. The majors are great. The freshman are lukewarm specimens, but I have discovered with them that it is absolutely necessary for class discussion to give this group questions and let them discuss the questions in small groups first. Otherwise only three people talk. When I do this, I get at least 5-8 different voices, so that’s something. And discussion goes a little bit better. In the sophomore class, they were so excited about class and about discussing the reading that once they were all there, they actually started class without me! When I walked in, I had interrupted a discussion in progress about the text! I thought that was like the coolest thing ever! I need some great teaching moments this semester.

I need to reevaluate my research plans/schedule. That really went by the wayside with the snow days and the sinus infection and the marathon trip, and whatever other excuse I can come up with. I have so much due in such a short time; however, it’s all due before the fall semester starts, so that’s a plus. And I need some research publication boosts and what not for my academic self-esteem. I had a monster to do list last Thursday and I just managed to get about 90% of it done by yesterday afternoon.

Last night we went out with a colleague and her husband and they are absolutely fabulous. Turns out we drive right past their neighborhood on the way to campus every day. They are super close to us. They have a crazy amazing house. It’s like my dream house actually, at least from what I can tell of the downstairs. Like I wish we could have a house like that. But it was super fun. I think they had fun, too. The two husbands seem to have hit it off, and that’s always good when all four people get along.

Spring Break is in five days for us. Yay! If I didn’t have a meeting on Thursday, it would start Wednesday night at 5:30 for me. I had hoped to have midterms given by now and papers collected, but the snow days threw off my schedule and the only way to keep the students from panicking and give them time to get the readings in was to move the dates forward, which in terms of work load between Monday and Wednesday, it means very little change this week than it does any other week. I have a rubric for the final drafts so those will go much quicker than rough drafts. I think the midterms might be harder to grade than the essays, but it’ll all get done well before we leave for home city on Friday. I’m excited about getting out of town for a few days. I already have my hair appointment made with my girl back home. My roots are looking somethin awful right now! And it needs to be reshaped a bit, too. We may try to make it to Grad City for a day. We’re still contemplating those plans, but I’d like it if it worked out that we can, especially since we weren’t able to make it back over Christmas break. So we’ll see. I’ve got a ton to do this weekend as far as laundry and cleaning, but I did have some really strong beer last night, so I’m moving slowly this morning. The husband is still in bed because the husbands last night progressed from beer to scotch, so The J is a bit under the weather this morning. I woke up after four hours of sleep feeling like the world was going to end and fearful of a terrible hangover, but 32 oz of water and another four hours of sleep helped that. I’m assuming that The J isn’t going to make it to the gym today. I’m still up in the air about it. As far as my WW points are concerned, I don’t need to go (even after last night!), but I sorta want to, maybe even just hit the bike for about 30 minutes or so. I don’t know. I do have a lot to do around here though.

That being said, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and Sunday. I hope spring is making it’s way to your necks of the woods. It looks like spring here and smells like it, too, but the temp is still low. But I’m hopeful that we’re getting into a sustained 50s soon. The snow is almost gone, and I do wish the rest of it would leave for good.

Take care all!


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  1. Spring? Really? Right now I’m looking at a new round of snow coming down after last night’s rain. Sigh.
    I hope to see you some time, don’t ask me when!

  2. Spring? Really? Right now I’m looking at a new round of snow coming down after last night’s rain. Sigh.

    I hope to see you some time, don’t ask me when!


  3. Spring? Really? Right now I’m looking at a new round of snow coming down after last night’s rain. Sigh.

    I hope to see you some time, don’t ask me when!


  4. Spring? Really? Right now I’m looking at a new round of snow coming down after last night’s rain. Sigh.

    I hope to see you some time, don’t ask me when!


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